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Python API for CONS3RT

Project description


Python API for CONS3RT


  • Python bindings for CONS3RT API calls
  • The cons3rt command line interface (CLI) for easy ReST calls


### Install from pip (latest release)

If you have Python 2.7 installed with pip, you can run:

pip install pycons3rtapi

Also you can install specific versions:

pip install pycons3rtapi==0.0.3

### Install from source (development)

git clone
cd pycons3rtapi
python install

### Install with CONS3RT assets

Search for community pycons3rtapi software assets in HmC or to use.

To create your own pycons3rtapi assets, from the pycons3rtapi repo root directory, run from a Bash shell:


This will create your own Linux and Windows pycons3rt assets for import:



Run the following command to configure pycons3rtapi:

cons3rt config

Follow the instructions to create your CONS3RT API configuration. This creates a configuration file at ~/.cons3rt/config.json.

Alternatively, you can stage your own config file to ~/.cons3rt/config.json, or use one of the samples in the sample-configs directory.

### ReST API Tokens

Note: See the [this article]( for info on generating an API token for one or more of your projects.

Sample Code

In your python code:

from pycons3rtapi.cons3rtapi import Cons3rtApi, Cons3rtApiError

c5t = Cons3rtApi()

# list scenarios
scenarios = c5t.list_scenarios()

# retrieve active deployment runs
active_drs = c5t.list_deployment_runs_in_virtualization_realm(

# retrieve deployment run details
active_dr_details = c5t.retrieve_deployment_run_details(dr_id='12345')

# For some calls you can store a JSON file on the local file system and call
# with the path to the JSON file

# Launch a deployment from a JSON file
# Note: edit the deployment_id and virtualizationRealmId in the JSON file
dr_id = c5t.launch_deployment_run_from_json(

# Create a simple Red Hat 7 system
system_id = c5t.create_system(
    name='Hello World System',

# Build scenario hosts data, a list of systems to be launched together in a scenario
scenario_hosts = [
        'systemRole': 'helloWorldSystem1',
        'buildOrder': 1,
            'subtype': 'virtualHost',
            'id': system_id
        'systemRole': 'helloWorldSystem2',
        'buildOrder': 2,
            'subtype': 'virtualHost',
            'id': system_id

# Create a scenario from the scenario hosts
scenario_id = c5t.create_scenario(
    name='Hello World Scenario',

# Add the scenario to a deployment
deployment_id = c5t.create_deployment(
    name='Hello World Deployment',

# Create run options for the deployment
# Note: replace the virtualizationRealmId
run_options = {
    'deploymentRunName': 'Hello World',
    'virtualizationRealmId': 12345,
    'username': 'my_username',
    'password': 'TMEroot!!abc123',

# Run the deployment
run_id = c5t.run_deployment(

# You have successfully build and launched a deployment run!!

Here is a sample file.json for launch_deployment_run_from_json, replace the virtualizationRealmId with yours:

  "deploymentRunName": "ReST Test",
  "virtualizationRealmId": "12345",
  "username": "myuser",
  "password": "mypassword",
  "retainOnError": "true"


The “cons3rt” command line interface (CLI) gives you a convenience way to make ReST API calls by typing simple commands. If you have followed the instructions this far you are already set up to run CLI commands. If not, see the installation section.

Run cons3rt CLI command as follows:

cons3rt <command> <options>

Commands and various options are described below:


Configures pycons3rtapi and the CLI with your CONS3RT site connection information and API key.

No options required.


Perform actions on your CONS3RT cloudspaces. You will need to get cloudspace IDs.


  • –id = Specify a single cloudspace ID
  • –ids = Specify a list of cloudspace IDs (e.g –ids=288,432,648)
  • –release_active_runs = Releases all active runs in the cloudspace ID(s)
  • –delete_inactive_runs = Deletes all inactive runs from the cloudspace ID(s)


cons3rt cloudspace --release_active_runs --delete_inactive_runs --ids=288,432,648

Asset Documentation

Asset Prerequisites

1. Git 1. Python 2.7.x 1. pip 1. [pycons3rt]( python package installed 1. Internet connectivity

Asset Exit Codes


  • 0 - Success
  • Non-zero - See log file in /var/log/cons3rt for more details


  • 0 - Success
  • Non-zero - See log file in C:cons3rtlog for more details

Project details

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