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Parser for *.cubex files

Project description

Parser for cubex files

cubex file format

  • anchor.xml
    • contains
      • cnodes
      • metrics
      • regions
      • system_tree_nodes
        • locationgroups
          • locations
  • index.0
    • the 0 stands for the metric ID
    • contains
      • a header
        • "1"
          • a "1" encoded as a
        • endianness
        • the number of cnodes in the data.0 file
      • a list of cnode indices
        • cnode_indices = [c1, c2, ...]
  • data.0
    • contains
      • a header
      • data for each cnode_id in cnode_indices
        • contains metric values for all locations
        • to retrieve the value of a particular cnode with cnode_id, and a specific location_id
          • get index of cnode_index in cnode_indices
            • = the position of the cnode_id in cnode_indices
          • offset in data.0: cnode_index * num_locations + location_id
            • the locations all have incrementing location_ids
        • Important: the list is sorted!
          • not in the order of the XML


  • Requires at least Python version 3.5
    • Contains typings as defined in PEP 484
  • The cubex files are tar archives
    • :warning: ... when extracting them and parsing the extracted files using the low-level IndexParser/DataParser directly, they will create strange behaviour
      • in the most cases, parsing succeeds but some edge-cases (related to endianness?) create problems

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