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A Python Parser for DGMPGDec's D2V Project Files.

Project description


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A Python Parser for DGMPGDec's D2V Project Files.


pip install --user pyd2v

Or, Install from Source


  1. pip, v19.0 or newer
  2. poetry, latest recommended


  1. poetry config true (optional, but recommended)
  2. poetry install
  3. You now have a .venv folder in your project root directory. Python and dependencies are installed here.
  4. To use the venv, follow Poetry Docs: Using your virtual environment

Note: Step 1 is recommended as it creates the virtual environment in one unified location per-project instead of hidden away somewhere in Poetry's Cache directory.


This project can be used programmatically by importing pyd2v, and as of version 1.1.0 with a d2v call in your terminal.


Quick Example

from pyd2v import D2V

# ...

d2v = D2V(filename="C:/Users/phoenix/Videos/1998_home_video.d2v")
print(d2v)  # d2v object basic information, e.g. version and settings
print(d2v.videos)  # input video files
print(d2v.settings["Frame_Rate"])  # frame rate
print([0])  # print first frame data

Accessible Variables

A successful D2V parse will result in the following options accessible from the D2V object.

  • version: D2V version, 16 is currently the latest for the original DGIndex which was last updated in 2010.
  • videos: List of the video file paths that were indexed by DGIndex. It will be just a filename if "Use Full Paths" was disabled in DGIndex.
  • settings: Will return various user-provided and auto-evaluated settings based on input data. More information on Settings below.
  • data: Indexing data of the MPEG video stream, Each entry is of an I frame which will describe the following non-I frames up to the next I frame.
  • data_type: What type of video is most previlent, e.g. 88.4% FILM, PAL, 99.9% NTSC.


Auto-evaluated Settings Possible Values Description
Stream_Type 0=Elementary Stream Defines the type of MPEG stream.
1=Program Stream
2=Transport Stream
3=PVA Stream
Transport_Packet_Size [188, 204] Specifies the size in bytes of the transport packets. Used only for Stream_Type=2.
MPEG_Type 1=MPEG-1, 2=MPEG-2 Defines the type of MPEG stream.
Aspect_Ratio MPEG-2: "1:1", "4:3", "16:9", "2.21:1" Defines the Aspect Ratio of the video specified in the MPEG stream.
MPEG-1: "1:1", 0.6735, ["16:9", 625],
0.7615, 0.8055, ["16:9", 525], 0.8935,
["4:3", 625], 0.9815, 1.0255, 1.0695,
["4:3", 525], 1.575, 1.2015
Picture_Size [width, height] Defines the size of the video after clipping has been applied.
Frame_Rate rate [num, den] 'rate' defines output framerate * 1000.
User-specified Settings Possible Values Description
MPEG2_Transport_PID {Video, Audio, RCR} Selects the video/audio PIDs to be decoded. Used only for Stream_Type=2.
iDCT_Algorithm 1=32-bit MMX Defines the iDCT DGDecode will use to decode this video
2=32-bit SSEMMX
3=32-bit SSE2MMX
4=64-bit Floating Point
5=64-bit IEEE-1180 Reference
6=32-bit SSEMMX (Skal)
7=32-bit Simple MMX (XviD)
YUVRGB_Scale 0=TV Scale Defines the range DGDecode will use if RGB conversion is requested.
1=PC Scale
Luminance_Filter {Gamma, Offset} (range of +/- 256) Defines values for DGIndex's Luminance_Filter.
Clipping [ClipLeft,ClipRight,ClipTop,ClipBottom] Defines values for Cropping lines of video.
Field_Operation 0=Honor Pulldown Flags Defines values for Field Operation.
1=Force Film
2=Ignore Pulldown Flags
Location {StartFile,StartOffset,EndFile,EndOffset} Defines start and end points for the video selection range.

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