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PyDev Code Formatter

Project description

PyDev Formatter

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This package provides a command line API to use the PyDev Code Formatter (the PyDev
Code formatter is created by extracting the engine for code formatting provided by

The PyDev Formatter is a conservative python code formatter and will try to keep the
structure of the code as close as possible to the original sources, while fixing many
common issues such as:

- Keep a space after commas
- Trim spaces inside parenthesis
- Right-trim lines
- Add a space before and after operators
- Keep 2 lines before top level classes/methods
- Keep 1 line before inner classes/methods
- Add new line at end of file
- Format comments to have 2 spaces before a comment and 1 space inside the comment

Note that it does not try to break statements to fit any pre-specified line length (as gofmt).

Command line

Basic use of the formatter is:

``python -m pydevf <filename_or_directory>``

``python -m pydevf -h`` may be used to see the help for additional parameters.



- java 8+ (so, make sure java is installed and in your PATH)
- python 2.7 or 3.4 onwards
- click 6+

Install with pip

To install the PyDev Formatter use:

``pip install pydevf``

Using with pre-commit

To use it with `pre-commit`_, just add the following repo to your ``.pre-commit-config.yaml``::

- repo:
rev: '' # Use the sha or tag you want to point at
- id: pydevf

.. _pre-commit:

Dealing with big lines

Note that in PyDev there are tools to help on those manual cases. i.e.:

Wrap docstrings/comments with ``Ctrl+2, W`` -- See:

Wrap/unwrap lists/calls with ``Ctrl+1``, ``Wrap expression``/``Unwrap expression`` (used with cursor inside the list/call).

Daemon mode

By default the formatter will create a daemon and will reuse it among multiple invocations (because
the formatter is **very fast** but its startup is slow). If you don't want to use this mode use
the ``--no-daemon`` parameter.


* EPL (Eclipse Public License) 2.0


- Update versions on ```` and ````
- ``git tag {{version}}`` (i.e.: v0.1.2)
- ``git push --tags`` (travis should build and deploy)

Local release

- Update versions on ```` and ````
- ``python sdist bdist_wheel``
- ``python -m twine upload dist/*``


0.1.0 (2018-06-12)

* First release on PyPI.

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