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An pydevmgr_core extension for serial communication

Sources are here

Doc to comme


> pip install pydevmgr_serial 

Basic Usage

Bellow is an exemple of implementation of a node that check a value from a Tesla Sensor. An extra configuration argument is added and the fget method is implemented.

from pydevmgr_serial import BaseSerialNode, SerialCom
import time

class TesaNodeConfig(BaseSerialNode.Config):
    type : 'Tesa'
    delay: float = 0.1 
class TesaNode(BaseSerialNode):
    Config = TesaNodeConfig
    def fget(self):'?\r')
        sval =
        val = float(sval)
        return val
# build a standalone node 
tesa_com = SerialCom(port='COM1', baudrate=9600)
tesa = TesaNode(com=tesa_com)
    print( "Position is ", tesa.get() )

One can include the node in device

from pydevmgr_serial import BaseSerialDevice
from pydevmgr_core import NodeAlias

class Tesa(BaseSerialDevice):    
    raw_pos = TesaNode.Prop('raw_pos')
    def scaled_pos(self, raw_pos):
        return 10 + 1.3 * raw_pos    
tesa = Tesa('tesa', com={'port':'COM1'})

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