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Unofficial Python wrapper for the public devRant API

Project description

Unofficial Python wrapper for the public devRant API.

Based on the unofficial wrapper made by “danillouz” (here) and API docs from “abhn” (here).

From the official site: devRant is a fun community for developers to share and bond over their successes and frustrations with code, tech, and life as a programmer. devRant is built by just one developer (devRant: [@dfox]( Twitter: [@dfoxinator]( and one designer (devRant: [@trogus]( Twitter: [@tim_rogus]( working on this project nights and weekends.


Install using pip

pip install pydevrant

List of features

Currently, you can:

  • Get user ID
  • Get rants
  • Get a rant with comments
  • Search rants
  • Get user profile
  • Login with username/password
  • Post a rant
  • Vote a rant
  • Vote a comment

(Note: search results are JSON-formatted data)


Post a rant

from pydevrant import *

client = Auth()
user = client.login("USERNAME", "PASSWORD")

#first argument is body (string)
#second argument is tags (string, make sure comma seperated)
#third argument is type (int, 1 for rant, 5 for collab)"this is my rant, do you like it?", "swift, react, js", 1)

Vote a rant/comment

#first argument is type (rant/comment)
#second argument is RANT_ID
#third argument is value. (+1 for upvote, -1 for downvote)
#(can only be +1 or -1. server rejects requests if any other data)"rant", 1292812, +1)    #for voting on a rant"comment", 1372121, +1)    #for voting on a comment

Find the top rants but limit the results to just one

from pydevrant import *
from pprint import pprint #just for nice output on terminal

elem = RantParser()
result = elem.get_rants(sort="top",limit=1)


The output will be something like this (some parts removed for brevity):

{'news': {'action': 'grouprant',
          'body': 'Bad data loss story?',
          'footer': "Add tag 'wk98' to your rant",
          'headline': 'Weekly Group Rant',
          'height': 100,
          'id': 132,
          'type': 'intlink'},
 'rants': [{'attached_image': '',
            'created_time': 1474486614,
            'edited': True,
            'id': 194632,
            'num_comments': 155,
            'rc': 1,
            'rt': 1,
            'score': 2672,
            'tags': [],
            'text': 'It appears his main client had gone nuts with him because '
                    'they wanted him to make an internet toolbar (think '
                    " and he politely informed them toolbars doesn't "
                    "really exist anymore and it wouldn't work on things like "
                    'modern browsers or mobile devices.\n'
            'user_avatar': {'b': 'f99a66',
                            'i': 'v-18_c-3_b-3_g-m_9-1_1-2_16-13_3-5_8-2_7-2_5-2_12-2_6-11_10-9_2-42_15-11_11-4_4-2.jpg'},
            'user_avatar_lg': {'b': 'f99a66',
                               'i': 'v-18_c-1_b-3_g-m_9-1_1-2_16-13_3-5_8-2_7-2_5-2_12-2_6-11_10-9_2-42_15-11_11-4_4-2.png'},
            'user_id': 103918,
            'user_score': 4909,
            'user_username': 'peaam',
            'vote_state': 0}],
 'set': '5ac3b0a97b094',
 'settings': [],
 'success': True,
 'wrw': 98}

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