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Templates to be used when creating projects.

Project description

**pydoit-project-builder** is an open source python library that provides command line interface to accelerate python development. The library is build on top of [doit](

Inside a new project and assuming the presence of a `` file, pydoit-project-builder provides a series of command lines to manage a python project:

* Create a virtual environment for the project.
* Install dependencies.
* Create documentation.
* Check code style with pylint and flake8.
* Create a distribution and package the project.
* Remove auxialiary files such as the virtual environment, the auxialiary files, ects.
* Launch tests.

## Installation

To install the current release:

pip install pydoit-project-builder


In order to be use, the [doit]( tool must be installed.

## First steps

Lets start a new project called `my-py-project` with the following structure:

├── docs
│ ├──
│ ├── index.rst
│ ├── static
│ └── templates
├── my_py_project
│ ├──
│ ├──
│ ├──
│ └── ...
├── setup.cfg
└── test

The `` should define on which library the project relies upon. The `` file is the file used by the automation tool `doit` to generate command line to be used in a terminal. Its content must be:
"""Define tasks to be used by the library pydoit."""
from pydoit_project_builder import TaskCreator

# Define project parameters.
project_name = "pydoit_project_builder"
python_version = "3.6"
# Instantiate tasks for pydoit library.
task_creator = TaskCreator(
project_name=project_name, python_version=python_version)
list_callbacks = task_creator.get_all_tasks()
for callback in list_callbacks:
fn_name = callback.__name__
globals()["task_" + fn_name] = callback

In the shell, in the folder containing the `` file, enter the command `doit list` to see the list of available tasks.

## License

[Apache License 2.0](LICENSE)

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