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Minimal Python wrapper for the database API

Project description


A minimal python wrapper around the database API

Depends on requests module and will pass through exceptions from that library when they occur.


Install the package:

pip install pydrugshortagesca

You can then configure your username and password in one of the following ways:

Create configuration file in ~/.config/pydrugshortagesca/config:


Or, set the following environment variables:

export DSC_EMAIL=""
export DSC_PASSWORD="s3cr3t!"

You can test your installation by running the command pydrugshortagesca. You should not be prompted for a username or password, and it should return some results in JSON format.

Basic Usage

Interacting with the database is done via the api.Session object:

from pydrugshortagesca import api, export
import json

session = api.Session(email="", password="123456")

except Exception as e:
    print("Error with log in", e)
    print("Details:", session.response.content)
    # search() returns a batch of results.
    # Use the `limit` and `offset` parameters to adjust which batch to return.
    json_results ="venlafaxine", offset=20)
    print("Total results {}".format(json_results['total']))

    # isearch() returns an iterator over all records returned by a search.
    # This may make several requests to the database if needed.
    results = session.isearch(term="venlafaxine", orderby='updated_date')
    for rec in results:

    # Custom filter functions can also be supplied
    results = session.isearch(_filter=lambda x: x['drug_strength'] == '150.0MG',
        term="venlafaxine", orderby='updated_date'):
    for rec in results:
    # The export module provides utility functions for exporting results in tabular form
    csvfile = open('shortages.csv','w')
    export.as_csv(session, csvfile, shortages=True, term="venlafaxine")


There is also a commandline interface. See pydrugshortagesca --help for details, but briefly:

$ pydrugshortagesca -p term venlafaxine --type shortages --fmt csv > shortages.csv




Pull requests are very welcome!

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