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An interface to the MAGEEC energy monitor boards

Project description

These scripts form the basis to easily run binaries on a range of platforms. Details of the platforms and how they’re set up are given below.

The script itself accepts two arguments, a platform to run on and the name of the executable file. The configure script can be used to find the locations of various executables needed by the various platforms. By default the configure script will not generate code for a specific platform if the prerequisites cannot be found.

List of platforms


This board contains a cortex-m0. Stlink is used as a gdb-server and an arm debugger is used to flash the code to the board.

Platform name: stm32f0discovery

Prerequisites for running:
  • st-util (st-link package)

  • arm-none-eabi-gdb (or other arm gdb-compatible debugger)

### ATMEGA328P

This is an ATMEGA328P chip, loaded with an arduino compatible bootloader. This is programmed with a USB to serial converter and avrdude. This was tested on a breadboarded ATMEGA328P chip, with a FTDI USB to serial converter.

Platform name: atmega328p

Prerequisites for running:
  • avrdude

  • avr-objcopy

### PIC32MX250F128B

This is a 32-bit pic chip, tested on a breadboard and hooked up to a pickit2. This requires pic32prog (so that no bootloader is needed on the PIC chip) and the pic32 tools to convert the elf to a hex file.

Platform name: pic32mx250f128b

Prerequisites for running:
  • pic32prog

  • pic32-objcopy

Measurement configuration

The measurement configuration file tells platformrun about the energy monitors connectted to the platforms, and some additional details about the platforms. For example, to measure the stm32f0discovery, the application needs to know the serial number of the energy measurement device, as well as the measurement point and the shunt resistor value. Other platforms have additional details, such as atmega328p, which needs to know the ID of the USB-serial adaptor.

The measurement config is a standard JSON format file, and by default is loaded from ~/.measurementrc.

### Basic configuration

  • energy-monitor. This specifies the serial number of the energy monitor that is used for this platform.

  • trigger-pin. This specifies the pin on which the platform will trigger the energy monitor.

  • measurement-point. Which measurement point is connected to the platform.

  • resistor. The value of the shunt resistor that intercept’s the platform’s power supply.

### Platform specific keys

Keys for atmega328p:
  • serial-dev. This specifies the ID of the USB to serial device. This ID comes directly from the link found in /dev/serial/by-id/ when the adapter is plugged in. By selecting the ID this way, multiple similar USB-serial adapters can be uniquely specified.

Keys for pic32mx250f128b:
  • serial-number. This specifies the serial number of the pickit2 connected to the platform (not currently used).

Project details

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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