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pyfileindex - pythonic file system index

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PyFileIndex - pythonic file system index

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The pyfileindex helps to keep track of files in a specific directory, to monitor added files, modified files and deleted files. The module is compatible with Python 3.7 or later but restricted to Unix-like system - Windows is not supported.



The pyfileindex can either be installed via pip using:

pip install pyfileindex

Or via anaconda from the conda-forge channel

conda install -c conda-forge pyfileindex


Import pyfileindex:

from pyfileindex import PyFileIndex 
pfi = PyFileIndex(path='.')

Or you can filter for a specifc file extension:

def filter_function(file_name):
    return '.txt' in file_name
pfi = PyFileIndex(path='.', filter_function=filter_function)

List files in the file system index:


Update file system index:


And open a subdirectory using:'subdirectory')

For more details, take a look at the example notebook:


The pyfileindex is released under the BSD license . It is a spin-off of the pyiron project therefore if you use the pyfileindex for your publication, please cite:

  title = {pyiron: An integrated development environment for computational materials science},
  journal = {Computational Materials Science},
  volume = {163},
  pages = {24 - 36},
  year = {2019},
  issn = {0927-0256},
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  author = {Jan Janssen and Sudarsan Surendralal and Yury Lysogorskiy and Mira Todorova and Tilmann Hickel and Ralf Drautz and Jörg Neugebauer},
  keywords = {Modelling workflow, Integrated development environment, Complex simulation protocols},

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