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Python 3 API wrapper for FireServiceRota/BrandweerRooster

Project description

Python: FireServiceRota / BrandweerRooster

Python 3 API wrapper for FireServiceRota and BrandweerRooster


This package allows you to get notified about emergency incidents from and Those are services used by firefighters.

See and for more details.

NOTE: You need a subscription and login account to be able to use it.


pip3 install pyfireservicerota


from pyfireservicerota import FireServiceRotaOAuth, FireServiceRotaOauthError, FireServiceRotaIncidentsListener
import logging
import sys
import json
import time
import threading

_LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

oauth = FireServiceRotaOAuth(

    token_info = oauth.get_access_token()
except FireServiceRotaOauthError:
    token_info = None

if not token_info:
    _LOGGER.error("Failed to get access token")

wsurl = f"wss://{token_info['access_token']}"

class FireService():

    def __init__(self):

        self._data = None
        self.listener = None
        self.thread = threading.Thread(target=self.incidents_listener)
        self.thread.daemon = True

    def on_incident(self, data):
        _LOGGER.debug("INCIDENT: %s", data)
        self._data = data

    def data(self):
        """Return the current data stored in the provider."""
        return self._data

    def incidents_listener(self):
        """Spawn a new Listener and links it to self.on_incident."""

        _LOGGER.debug("Starting incidents listener")
        self.listener = FireServiceRotaIncidentsListener(url=wsurl, on_incident=self.on_incident)

        while True:

ws = FireService()

while True:

Don't store user credentuals, just the token_info and use below code to refresh it, it will only fetch new token when it has expired. If you want to force a token refresh add True as param to oauth.refresh_acess_token()

oauth = FireServiceRotaOAuth(

    token_info = oauth.refresh_access_token(current_token_info)
except FireServiceRotaOauthError:
    token_info = None

if not token_info:
    _LOGGER.error("Failed to get access token")

if token_info != current_token_info:
    _LOGGER.error("Got new token, store it")

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