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Low level interface to FSEvents primitives

Project description


pyfsevents is a C extension providing a Python interface for Mac OS X 10.5 and later which allows monitoring for file system events, using FSEvents.

pyfsevents uses a callback mechanism: see Module Documentation.


python install


Distributed under the terms of the MIT License.


Mac OS X >= 10.5 Leopard


Thread-unsafe: CFRunLoop’s and Python threads do not quite interact well when put together :)

Module Documentation

pyfsevents uses a callback mechanism.

It provides two functions:

  • registerfd(fd, callback[, mask])

  • registerpath(path, callback)

to register objects to monitor.

After registration, listen() should be called to wait for events. The call is blocking: callbacks are fired on events.

stop() is available to stop the listen() call. stop() should be called from a different thread.

Please see examples/ for use cases of the extension.

callback signatures

The callback arguments passed to register* functions will be fired on events. These callback functions should be functions callable with two arguments, as listen will call these functions with two arguments:

  • For File descriptors, registerfd callbacks will be passed (fd, mask) arguments:


    file descriptor which changed and fired the callback.


    the POLLIN / POLLOUT mask, similar to the select.poll module.

  • For FSEvents, registerpath callbacks will be passed (path, recursive) arguments:


    the path where the event occurred.


    a boolean: if True, the caller should check recursively the directory tree for changes, and not only the specified directory.

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