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Perform operations on your F-Spot database.

Project description

pyfspot is a python application which allows you to perform and script
operations on your F-Spot ( photo collection.

The command-line application allows you to query your collection (tags, paths),
modify photos attributes (ratings, tags), and diagnostic problems (find missing on disk etc.)

But you can also build your own script using pyfspot modules.


pyfspot requires:
* sqlalchemy
* pexif
* fixtures (optional)

System-wide installation
$ sudo python install

Virtualenv installation
$ virtualenv env
$ cd env
$ source bin/activate
$ python install


f-spot-admin [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
--database=DATABASE Path to F-Spot database
Logging level for messages (1:debug 2:info, 3:warning,
4:errors, 5:critical)

Find by path
Find by tag
--find-missing Find photos missing on disk

--list List photos matching set
--rating=RATING Change rating
--safe-rating Change rating only if superior to current
--tag=TAG Apply specified tag
--untag=UNTAG Remove specified tag

List all photos of database:
f-spot-admin --list

Find all photos on a specific partition:
f-spot-admin --find-path="/media/ext-disk/*" --list

Rate all photos with tag "family" with "canon" in file paths:
f-spot-admin --find-tag="family" --find-path="*canon*" --rating=2

Tag and rate all photos whose path contains "selecta":
f-spot-admin --find-path="*selecta*" --tag="selection" --rating=1

Remove tag on all photos which are missing on disk:
f-spot-admin --find-missing --untag="Family"


* Mathieu Leplatre <>


* Lesser GNU Public License


* Fix command-line actions

* Ability to find missing photos on disk
* Ability to add/remove tag from command-line
* Fix encoding of paths in database
* Fix command-line args

* Initial version. Basic wiring of code and logics. Does basic path and tag search.

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pyfspot-0.3.tar.gz (8.3 kB view hashes)

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