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A set of class/functions to use to load data in pygame applications, do memoization by default on data and on result of processings it allows on those datas

Project description

This module was originaly a simple syntaxic sugar for a pygame project,

for performances sake it quickly gained memoization, allowing you to call for images, not carring if you already loaded them or not. As you may need to do that for result of process on those images, the image loader gained a lot of keywords, that allow to call images with a zooms, blending, reversing, scaling, rotating, and all sort of combinations, everytime doing only the required parts of those processings, and using previous results of processings. Okay, it can takes up big memory amounts, but well, i found it’s most of the time less of the problem than CPU, so if you agree, you will probably agree that for games, it’s an acceptable tradeoff.

Oh, for convenience sakes, it can load bunch of text and musics, too, the processing part is less developped on these ones, but contributions are welcomed, and memoization is done for them too.

Anyway, using it is quite simple, simply import the needed loaders from, and for an image filepath, image() will return a tupple containing the image and it’s size, no need to store it away, calling the loader a second time or more is basically free, thanks to memoization.

pygame must be loaded and display_mode set to perform most image operations.

>>> from pygame_loaders import image
>>> image('myimage.png') # actual loading
(<Surface(491x546x32 SW)>, <rect(0, 0, 491, 546)>)
>>> image('myimage.png') # returning same result, without any loading
>>> image("myimage.png", zoom=1.5) # only performing zoom
(<Surface(736x819x32 SW)>, <rect(0, 0, 736, 819)>)
>>> image("myimage.png", zoom=1.5, alpha=0.4) # only changing alpha
(<Surface(736x819x32 SW)>, <rect(0, 0, 736, 819)>)

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