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An implementation of some functionalities of gobject/glib/gio in pure python, but adding a lot of new features.

Project description


An implementation of some functionalities of gobject/glib/gio in pure python, but adding a lot of new features.

how to use:

an example using pygobject,
note the same code is valid using gel,
the only change is:
import gel in the place gobject
import main from gel.

example using gobject

import socket
import gobject
from gtk import main
import time
my_socket = socket.socket()

def on_socket_read(self, sock):
print "data received", sock.recv(1024)

def idle_generator():
v = ['|','/','-','\']
n = 0
while True:
n = (n+1) % len(v)
yield v[i]

idle_caret = idle_generator()

def im_idle():
print '\r%s' %
return True

def called_after_10_seconds():
print '\r', time.asctime()

gobject.io_add_watch(my_socket, gobject.IO_IN, on_socket_read)
gobject.timeout_add(10000, called_after_10_seconds)

with gel, the only diference is that the main function is in gel.

example using file monitor:

example using file monitor
import gel
from gel.event_lib.file_monitor import FileWatch

file_watcher = FileWatch(gel)

def file_altered(the_path):
print "the file %s was altered" % the_path

def directory_altered(the_path):
print "the directory was altered" % the_path

file_watcher.watch_file('my_file.txt', file_altered)
file_watcher.watch_file('my_directory', directory_altered)


other functionalities of gel is almost the same of gobject,

currently the functions supported are:

* idle_add(callback, ...)
* io_add_watch(fd, condition, callback, ...)
* source_remove(tag)
* timeout_add(interval_miliseconds, callback, ...)
* timeout_add_seconds(interval_seconds, callback, ...)
* main_quit() <- this function actually belongs to gtk in gobject schema, but in gel belongs
to gel.
* main()
* get_current_time()

the signal functions will be implemented as soon as possible

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