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A Python module for geotagging Japanese texts.

Project description

pygeonlp, A python module for geotagging Japanese texts

pygeonlp is an open source software for geotagging/geoparsing Japanese natural language text to extract place names.

How To Use

Import pygeonlp.api and initialize it by specifying the directory where the place-name database is placed.

import pygeonlp.api as geonlp_api

Then, run geoparse("text to parse") .

result = geonlp_api.geoparse("国立情報学研究所は千代田区にあります。")

The result is a list of dict objects, with POS/Spatial attributes assigned to each word.

A GeoJSON representation is obtained by JSON-encoding each dict object.

print(json.dumps(result, indent=2, ensure_ascii=False))
    "type": "Feature",
    "geometry": null,
    "properties": {
      "surface": "国立",
      "node_type": "NORMAL",
      "morphemes": {
        "conjugated_form": "名詞-固有名詞-地名語",
        "conjugation_type": "*",
        "original_form": "国立",
        "pos": "名詞",
        "prononciation": "コクリツ",
        "subclass1": "固有名詞",
        "subclass2": "地名修飾語",
        "subclass3": "*",
        "surface": "国立",
        "yomi": "コクリツ"
  }, ... 
    "type": "Feature",
    "geometry": {
      "type": "Point",
      "coordinates": [
    "properties": {
      "surface": "千代田区",
      "node_type": "GEOWORD",
      "morphemes": {
        "conjugated_form": "*",
        "conjugation_type": "*",
        "original_form": "千代田区",
        "pos": "名詞",
        "prononciation": "",
        "subclass1": "固有名詞",
        "subclass2": "地名語",
        "subclass3": "WWIY7G:千代田区",
        "surface": "千代田区",
        "yomi": ""
      "geoword_properties": {
        "address": "東京都千代田区",
        "body": "千代田",
        "body_variants": "千代田",
        "code": {},
        "countyname": "",
        "countyname_variants": "",
        "dictionary_id": 1,
        "entry_id": "13101A1968",
        "geolod_id": "WWIY7G",
        "hypernym": [
        "latitude": "35.69400300",
        "longitude": "139.75363400",
        "ne_class": "市区町村",
        "prefname": "東京都",
        "prefname_variants": "東京都",
        "source": "1/千代田区役所/千代田区九段南1-2-1/P34-14_13.xml",
        "suffix": [
        "valid_from": "",
        "valid_to": "",
        "dictionary_identifier": "geonlp:geoshape-city"
    "type": "Feature",
    "geometry": null,
    "properties": {
      "surface": "に",
      "node_type": "NORMAL",
      "morphemes": {
        "conjugated_form": "*",
        "conjugation_type": "*",
        "original_form": "に",
        "pos": "助詞",
        "prononciation": "ニ",
        "subclass1": "格助詞",
        "subclass2": "一般",
        "subclass3": "*",
        "surface": "に",
        "yomi": "ニ"


pygeonlp requires MeCab C++ library and UTF8 dictionary for Japanese morphological analysis.

Also, the C++ implementation part depends on Boost C++.

$ sudo apt install libmecab-dev mecab-ipadic-utf8 libboost-all-dev


The pygeonlp package can be installed with the pip command. It is recommended that you upgrade pip and setuptools to the latest versions before running it.

$ pip install --upgrade pip setuptools
$ pip install pygeonlp

Install GDAL library (Optional)

If the GDAL library is installed, pygeonlp can use "spatial distance" for disambiguation when there are multiple place names with the same name, thus improving accuracy. You can also use spatial filters.

$ sudo apt install libgdal-dev
$ pip install gdal

Install jageocoder (Optional)

pygeonlp can use address-geocoding if the jageocoder is installed.

$ pip install jageocoder
$ mkdir db/
$ wget
$ unzip -d db/
$ python
>>> import jageocoder
>>> jageocoder.init(dsn='sqlite:///db/address.db', trie_path='db/address.trie')
>>> jageocoder.create_trie_index()

Run Tests (Optional)

Run the API tests with python test command.


Use pip command to uninstall.

$ pip uninstall pygeonlp

Registering a place-name word analysis dictionary

Execute the script to register the basic place name word analysis dictionaries (*.json, *.csv) in base_data/ into the database under mydic/.

$ python scripts/

This script registers three dictionaries: "Prefectures of Japan" (geonlp:geoshape-pref), "Historical Administrative Area Data Set Beta Dictionary of Place Names" (geonlp:geoshape-city), and "Railroad Stations in Japan (2019)" (geonlp:ksj-station-N02-2019).

Delete the place-name database

When you register a place-name word analysis dictionary to the database, it will create a sqlite3 database and some other files in the specified directory.

If you want to delete them, just delete the whole directory.

$ rm -r mydic/


The 2-Clause BSD License


This software is partially supported by PRESTO program of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

This software is partially supported by Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS).

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