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PyGibbs is a numerical library for simulations of field theories in Python.

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## PyGibbs: Field theoretic simulations in Python [![Binder](]( ![Installation]( ![Notebooks]( [![Documentation Status](]( [![PyPI version](]( [![Downloads](]( ![License](

[About](#about) | [Documentation]( | [News](#news) | [Installation](#installation) | [Examples](#examples) | [Publications ](#publications)| [Support](#support) | [License](#license)

## About [PyGibbs]( is a numerical library for simulations of field theories in Python. The library constructs differentiation matrices using finite-difference and spectral methods. It also allows to solve Stokes equation using a spectral method, which satisfies compressibility exactly. The library currently offers support for doing field theoretical simulation and a direct numerical simulation of the Stokes equation (implementation for non-zero Reynolds number is planned) in both two and three space dimensions.

## News * Our paper has been highlighted in the Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics with a [commentary](

## Installation Clone (or download) the repository and use a terminal to install using

` >> git clone >> cd pygibbs >> pip install -r requirements.txt >> python install `

PyGibbs requires the following software

## Pip Alternatively install latest PyPI version

` >> pip install pygibbs `

## Examples

See the [examples folder]( for a list of examples.

## Publications * [Hydrodynamically interrupted droplet growth in scalar active matter]( Rajesh Singh and Michael E. Cates. Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 148005 (2019).

  • [Self-propulsion of active droplets without liquid-crystalline order]( Rajesh Singh, Elsen Tjhung, and Michael E. Cates. arXiv:2004.06064.

## Support Please use the [issue tracker]( on GitHub.

## License We believe that openness and sharing improves the practice of science and increases the reach of its benefits. This code is released under the [MIT license]( Our choice is guided by the excellent article on [Licensing for the scientist-programmer](

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