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A library for interacting with the Google Translate API

Project description

A python library for interacting with the Google Translate API.

Note: This uses the translate v2 API

You will need a server key configured with Google, and a payment method on file, as there is no courtesy limit for translations.


See the [Google Translate docs]( for more details.

>>> from pyglot import Translator
>>> lang = Translator(key='YOUR-KEY')

# Translating text: >>> lang.translate(‘The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’, target=’de’) GTranslation({u’translatedText’: u’Der schnelle braune Fuchs sprang xfcber den faulen Hund’, u’detectedSourceLanguage’: u’en’})

# Detecting the language of text: >>> lang.detect(‘The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’) [GLanguage({u’isReliable’: False, u’confidence’: 0.79904306, u’language’: u’en’})]

# Getting a list of language codes, with names in english: >>> lang.languages(target=’en’) [GLanguage({u’name’: u’Afrikaans’, u’language’: u’af’}), GLanguage({u’name’: u’Albanian’, u’language’: u’sq’}), … ]

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