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CLI for pygraphviz powered by graphviz

Project description

# pygraph
pygraph is an extremely simple CLI tool for using graphviz. It takes a file to write to and
adjacency list to construct the graph from. The intended use case is for generating
small graphs to embed in things like homework problems. The API is documented via the `--help`

## Examples
pygraph -d tree ab ac bd be

pygraph -u -e neato circle ab bc cd de ea

pygraph -d -n "Sample Tree" labeled-tree root-left:1 root-right:1 left-child:4 right-child:3 root-root:0


## Usage
$ pygraph --help
Usage: pygraph [OPTIONS] FILE EDGES...

-e, --engine [dot|neato|twopi|circo|fdp|sfdp|patchword|osage]
Choose layout engine to use
-u, --undirected / -d, --directed
Specify undirected or directed edges
--format TEXT Image format
-n, --name TEXT Name of graph in image
--dot Preserve the source dot file
--no-vertex-labels Don't label vertex labels
--help Show this message and exit.

### Installation
pip install pygraph-cli

### Syntax
* First argument is file to save to without extension
* Pairs of single characters after are interpreted as creating an edge between the them (eg: `ab ac cd`)
* Nodes can have any name when separated by `-` (eg: `root-child`)
* To label the edge, append `:` and any text (eg: `root-child:label`)
* Name the image by passing `-n` option
* To keep the original dot source, pass `--dot`

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