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Python library to control Hatch Baby Rest devices

Project description

Hatch Baby Rest Python Bindings

This library will allow you to control a Hatch Baby Rest device (note, /not/ the Hatch Baby Rest+, which is Wi-Fi enabled) over BLE.


The pygatt backend was tested on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2, but should work on any Unix system that is compatible with the GATTToolBackend of pygatt.

The bleak (async) backend was tested on a 2019 MacBook Pro, but should work on any system that bleak is compatible with.


pip install pyhatchbabyrest


pygatt backend (synchronous)

In [1]: from pyhatchbabyrest import PyHatchBabyRest

In [2]: rest = PyHatchBabyRest()

In [3]: rest.power
Out[3]: False

In [4]: rest.power_on()

In [5]: rest.volume
Out[5]: 30

In [6]: rest.set_volume(10)

In [7]: rest.volume
Out[7]: 10

In [8]: rest.set_color(255, 0, 0)

In [9]: rest.color
Out[9]: (255, 0, 0)

In [10]: rest.set_brightness(100)

In [11]: rest.set_sound(

In [12]: rest.sound
Out[12]: < 2>

In [13]: rest.set_color(*PyHatchBabyRest.COLOR_GRADIENT)
In [14]: rest.connected
Out[14]: True

In [15]: rest.disconnect()

In [16]: rest.connected
Out[16]: False

bleak backend (async and a little more portable)

In [1]: from pyhatchbabyrest import PyHatchBabyRestAsync

In [2]: rest = PyHatchBabyRestAsync()

In [3]: import asyncio

In [4]: loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

In [5]: r = loop.run_until_complete

In [6]: r(rest.power_on())

In [7]: r(rest.set_volume(100))

In [8]: r(rest.set_volume(10))

In [9]: r(rest.power_off())

In [10]: rest.sound
Out[10]: <PyHatchBabyRestSound.noise: 3>

NOTE: Using PyHatchBabyRestAsync from async code

The constructor, by default, executes directly against the event loop. This doesn't work if it is executed within an already running coroutine. To construct the client, all async calls must be done outside of the constructor.

This has been all wrapped up in a function for ease of use.

import asyncio

from pyhatchbabyrest import connect_async

async def main():
    rest = await connect_async()
    await rest.power_on()

rest =


Huge thanks to @Marcus-L for their repo at GitHub - Marcus-L/m4rcus.HatchBaby.Rest: Control Hatch Baby Rest devices using Bluetooth LE which did all the hard work of finding the right characteristics, commands, etc.

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