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Yahtzee game engine

Project description

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Yahtzee game engine supporting regular Yahtzee rules (maximum 1480), Joker rules (maximum 1575) and Yatzy aka. Scandinavian Yahtzee rules (maximum 305). Example code:

from pyhtzee import Pyhtzee
from pyhtzee.classes import Category, Rule
from pyhtzee.utils import category_to_action_map, dice_roll_to_action_map

pyhtzee = Pyhtzee(rule=Rule.FREE_CHOICE_JOKER)

This shows the dice:

[2, 5, 6, 1, 6]

Next reroll dice 1, 2 and 5:

action = dice_roll_to_action_map[(True, True, False, False, True)]

Now we have two pairs:

[4, 6, 6, 1, 1]

Let's reroll just the first die to see if we can get a full house:

action = dice_roll_to_action_map[(True, False, False, False, False)]


[6, 6, 6, 1, 1]

Now let's choose the action for full house and check the scorecard:

action = category_to_action_map[Category.FULL_HOUSE]
reward = pyhtzee.take_action(action)
print(f'Reward: {reward}, Scorecard: {pyhtzee.scores}')

This shows that we got a reward of 25, which can be confirmed in the scorecard:

Reward: 25, Scorecard: {<Category.FULL_HOUSE: 8>: 25}

Developers guide

Pipenv is recommended for setting up a development environment. Prior to installing pipenv, creating a .env file with the following contents is recommended:


To install pipenv and the required dependencies run the following commands:

pip install pipenv
pipenv install -r requirements.txt
pipenv shell

Updating dependencies

requirements.txt is dynamically generated using pip-compile. To regenerate the requirements.txtfile run the following command:

pip-compile -U --output-file requirements.txt

Pre-commit hooks

This project uses Git pre-commit hooks courtesy of pre-commit. To install run the following:

pre-commit install

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