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Python Wrapper for IFTTT Webhook interaction.

Project description

This package provides a simple interface to interact with If This Then That ( webhook events.

This project was born from the need to receive push notifications on a smartphone after long running jobs had finished running, particularly using a free service such as IFTTT.

Copyright ® 2019, Ruben Branco <>. All rights reserved.

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Install pyifttt using pip:

pip3 install pyifttt


There are three essential items to interact with a webhook:

  1. Event Name: The event name for the webhook defined in the website.

  2. Key: Your personal ifttt maker key.

  3. Data: The values of each declared form variables.

General Usage

from pyifttt.webhook import send_notification

data = dict(value1="Testing this event")
key = "MySuperPrivateKey"

send_notification("test_event", data, key)

This will send a notification to an webhook whose event is named test_event with value1 variable as “Testing this event” and with a key.

Since including a private key in script files can be bothersome and repetitive, ifttt has three ways of key input:

  1. Through the function as a key kwarg.

  2. As a system env variable named IFTTT_KEY (export IFTTT_KEY="MySuperPrivateKey).

  3. As a home file (~/.ifttt). The only contents this file should have is the key.

Job Completion Notification

pyifttt implements a general notification system for push notification of program exits.

In your IFTTT webhook you should include the following message:

The program {{Value1}}, running on host machine {{Value2}} , finished at {{OccurredAt}}. {{Value3}}

Here’s how you would use pyifttt to receive push notifications for when your long running program finishes using a context manager:

from pyifttt.webhook import SendCompletionNotification

with SendCompletionNotification('test_event'):

This will send a push notification to your smartphone or other device with the following structure:

The program, running on host machine Server1, finished at November 22, 2019 at 09:30PM.

If it had found an exception, it would show the following message:

The program, running on host machine Server1, finished at November 22, 2019 at 09:30PM. Got exception KeyboardInterrupt.

An optional argument to SendCompletionNotification is the IFTTT key, which as previously described, has several ways of input.

If you prefer to not use it as a context manager, you also use it in the following way:

from pyifttt.webhook import send_completion_notification



Distributed under GPL-3.0 License. See the LICENSE file for details.

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