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Utility library. IO, maths, randomizations, misc.

Project description

File handling, maths, randomization, miscellaneous.
* general maths (most functions support both scalars and list/array-likes)
** factorials
** fast sum of series 1,2,3,4,5 ... N
** number of sequences of N size taken from a set of K size
** number of places a sequence of length N can be subdivided
** round N to nearest power of B
** convert a power of B, N, to an exponent of B, such that B**E == N
** find common denominator
** find all integers that divide evenly into N
** linear/spline interpolation of a 1d series of values
** binary representation of a number
* spatial maths
** subclassable Grid type
** grid snapping and 'is-in-cell'
** polar/cartesian transform
** polar distance
** calculate triple of weights based on position in triangle
* randomization
** return true P% of the time
** weighted sampling from a set of items
** fill weighted boxes in a roughly even way
** randomly dispense contents of a box
** convert nested percentage weights to flat 0..1 weights
** dice roll (single, and iterative/infinite)
** chain iterator, which yields values while percentage chance of success
rolls succeed, and stops as soon as they fail.
Like OHRRPGCE 'chain attack/ chain %' option
* misc
** find numeric limits of data types (builtin types or simple numpy types)
** sort sequence according to template
** reverse of zip (flat sequence a,b,c,a,b,c,a,b,c -> a,b,c tuples)
** easily read every line or every byte of a file
** calculate minimum number of bits required to store a given integer.
** quickly set multiple attributes on an object
** Metadata class for easy management of metadata,
with yaml serialization support.

also available through git. run 'git clone git://' to grab a copy :)

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