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Wrapper and wrapper generators for the 2D Image Leptonica Library

Project description

At this stage this is a very thin ctypes wrapper over the Leptonica library. Almost all functions are exposed to Python, correctly anotated, and data structures used in Leptonica are available as classes from Python. One an create and fill new structures, or read the values returned by any Leptonica function.

This Library is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License Version 3 or Later.

It transposes Leptonica’s extensive inline documentation to Python’s docstrings, so it is possible to check for help and parameter types from the Python interpreter, using pydoc or from an IDE.

However, whenever a function takes pointers or arrays of pointers as parameters, these will have to be created by hand using ctypes facilities before calling the functions. (Except for pointers to Leptonica data structures: the Python wrappers will automatically promote a Python Structure instance of the given structure into a pointer before calling a C function. And they will de-reference pointer to such structures so that function calls return a Structure instance, not a pointer to a structure.

(Don’t ask me how to free the memory for such structure afterwards – I am into it, but I don’t know for shure yet :-p )

This is on a very early stage.

To run it, you might not need to have Leptonica source files: I versioned the generated files as well so that most people jsut have to copy the .py files around. If you want to hack the code, or generate wrappers for other versions of Leptonica, you have to execute the leptonica_header_parser and leptonica_function_parser as stand alone programs, afeter tunning a from the file

There are at this time, two utility functions to convert Leptonica images to and from Python Imaging Library (PIL) Images.

Also, although I have not tested this under windows or Mac OS– it probably need some tweaks to run (mostly finding the correct libraries with ctypes)

Have fun!

js -><-

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