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Sphinx themes for Pylons Project documentation.

Project description

Pylons Sphinx Themes

This repository is a Python package that contains Sphinx themes for Pylons related projects. This project is based on Pylons Sphinx Theme (singular), but uses a package implementation instead of git submodules and manual steps.

To use a theme in your Sphinx documentation, follow this guide.

Edit your project’s

  1. Add pylons-sphinx-themes to your project’s requirements in its Here’s an example from Pyramid.

    docs_extras = [
        'Sphinx >= 1.7.5', # Read The Docs minimum version

Edit your Sphinx’s

  1. Near the top, add the following.

    import pylons_sphinx_themes
  2. Activate the theme.

    html_theme = 'pyramid'
    html_theme_path = pylons_sphinx_themes.get_html_themes_path()
  3. (Recommended) Enable Ethical Ads. Doing so supports both Read the Docs and the Python Software Foundation with ad revenue.

    # Control display of sidebars
    html_sidebars = { '**': [
    ] }
  4. If you were previously using the git submodule method to use the Pylons theme, then comment or delete the block of code under the following statement.

    # Add and use Pylons theme
    if 'sphinx-build' in ' '.join(sys.argv):  # protect against dumb importers
  5. (Optional) Set a canonical root URL. The URL points to the root of the documentation, and requires a trailing slash.

    html_theme_options = dict(

Undo git submodule method

If you were previously using the git submodule method to use the Pylons theme, then perform the following additional steps.

  1. Remove .gitmodules.

    cd <your_project_directory>
    git rm .gitmodules
  2. Deinitialize the submodule.

    cd docs/_themes
    git submodule deinit .
  3. Remove the submodule’s directory.

    cd ..
    git rm _themes/
  4. Edit your Sphinx’s Makefile. The following is an example diff from Pyramid.

    -html: themes
    # ...
    -htmlhelp: themes
    -    cd ..; git submodule update --init --recursive; cd docs;

Update tox.ini

If you use tox, you can specify dependencies for building your docs either in your (preferred) or in your tox.ini (duplicitous). See the example from Pyramid.

docs_extras = [
    'Sphinx >= 1.7.5',

# ...

extras_require = {

Otherwise you can repeat yourself and edit your tox.ini. The following example is from waitress.

deps =

Update Read the Docs configuration

If you specify package requirements for Read the Docs, specify dependencies in your rtd.txt. You can either name them explicitly, which might be duplicitous:


or you can rely on your configuration, specifying dependencies in only one place, by simply using this in your rtd.txt.

-e .[docs]

Available themes

  • pylons - the generic Pylons Project documentation theme

  • pyramid - the specific Pyramid documentation theme

  • pylonsfw - the specific Pylons Framework documentation theme

Change log for pylons-sphinx-themes

1.0.13 (2020-11-30)

  • Revert fix of linenos in tables. Sphinx fixed this issue in v3.0. RTD rolled it out as a feature flag in April 2020, and it now appears to be rolling out in more projects.

  • Add padding to the top of linenodiv to align with code in tables and its extra 2px top border.

1.0.12 (2020-11-28)

  • Added style .wy-table-responsive { overflow-x: scroll; } to prevent tables from blowout by long dotted method names.

1.0.11 (2020-01-13)

  • Fix the width of linenos table column when used in code-blocks.

1.0.10 (2018-09-25)

  • Add Read the Docs to the recipients of ad revenue.

1.0.9 (2018-09-23)

  • Remove hyphenation because it sometimes hyphenates inappropriately, such as in code.

1.0.8 (2018-09-21)

  • Fix support for Ethical Ads.

1.0.7 (2018-09-21)

1.0.6 (2017-09-22)

  • Update zest.releaser in order to release to PyPI.

1.0.5 (2017-09-22)

1.0.4 (2017-06-20)

  • Specify line spacing for list items for only within the .body class.

1.0.3 (2017-06-20)

  • Add line spacing for list items. Closes #4.

1.0.2 (2017-06-16)

  • Remove HTTPS protocol to allow either HTTPS or HTTP.

1.0.1 (2017-06-16)

  • Use HTTPS for protocol of stylesheets.

1.0 (2017-04-18)

  • Use zest.releaser for releasing.

  • Improve documentation.

0.3.1 (2015-04-15)

  • Improve documentation.

0.3 (2015-04-15)

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