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REST microservice framework based on Flask, OpenAPI, gunicorn and celery, deployable towards GKE and Beanstalk

Project description

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Python microservice framework based on Flask, OpenAPI and Celery, deployable on GKE and Beanstalk

PyMacaron's documentation is available at

This page dives deeper into internal implementation details.

Deep dive

Built-in endpoints

The following endpoints are built-in into every pymacaron instance, based on this swagger specification:

# Assuming you did in a separate terminal:
# $ python --port 8080

$ curl

$ curl
  "name": "helloworld",
  "version": "220120-2219-3820-a6f45b",

$ curl
  "error_description": "There is no Authorization header in the HTTP request",
  "error_id": "17f900c8-b456-4a64-8b2b-83c7d36353f6",
  "status": 401,

$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJpc3M[...]y8kNg"
  "name": "helloworld",
  "version": "220120-2219-3820-a6f45b",

Loading api clients from a standalone script

It may come very handy within a standalone script to be able to call REST apis through the pymacaron framework, to get object marshalling and error handling out of the box. It is done as follows:

import flask
from pymacaron import apipool
from pymacaron.exceptions import is_error

# Declare a Flask app and mock its context
app = flask.Flask(__name__)
with app.test_request_context(''):

    # Then load client libraries against a given set of libraries
    api = API(app)
    api.load_clients(apis=['login', 'search'])

    # And you can now call those apis seamlessly!
    result = ApiPool.login.client.do_login(

    if is_error(result):
        log.error("Oops. Failed to login user")


Erwan Lemonnier

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