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Starspot modeling

Project description

Python wrapper module for macula starspot code:

% git clone
% cd pymacula
% python install

If you come across an error in the installation regarding something like undefined reference to main, then you may have to install with

% FFLAGS=-fPIC LDFLAGS=-shared python install


You can generate a random starspot model:

>>> from pymacula import MaculaModel
>>> model = MaculaModel() #default is 3 random spots; use nspots keyword for different number

You can call the model at random times, e.g., for plotting:

>>> import numpy as np
>>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
>>> ts = np.arange(0,100,0.1)
>>> plt.plot(ts, model(ts))

You can also make a model with non-default star parameters:

>>> model = MaculaModel(star={'Peq':15}) #rotation period of 15 days instead of default 30

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