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A simple library for simulating markets in Python

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PyMarket is a python library designed to ease the simulation and comparison of different market mechanisms.

Marketplaces can be proposed to solve a diverse array of problems. They are used to sell ads online, bandwith spectrum, energy, etc. PyMarket provides a simple environment to try, simulate and compare different market mechanisms, a task that is inherent to the process of establishing a new market.

As an example, Local Energy Markets (LEMs) have been proposed to syncronize energy consumption with surplus of renewable generation. Several mechanisms have been proposed for such a market: from double sided auctions to p2p trading.

This library aims to provide a simple interface for such process, making results reproducible.

Getting Started

import pymarket as pm
import numpy as np

r = np.random.RandomState(1234)

mar = pm.Market()
bids = pm.datasets.uniform_bidders.generate(20, 20, 1, 1, r)
for b in bids:


Access the bids

bids =
   quantity   price  user  buying  time  divisible
0    0.2374  1.0234     0    True     0       True
1    0.1784  1.1770     1    True     0       True
2    0.6301  1.5789     2    True     0       True
3    0.1600  1.8008     3    True     0       True
4    0.7920  1.5478     4    True     0       True

Run a market algorithm

transactions, extra ='p2p', r=r)
transactions = transactions.get_df()
   bid  quantity   price  source  active
0   16    0.0000  0.0000      34    True
1   34    0.0000  0.0000      16    True
2    0    0.0000  0.0000      23    True
3   23    0.0000  0.0000       0    True
4   12    0.0786  1.3828      26   False

Documentation and Examples

Docs can be found here (click me!)


pip install pymarket

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