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Just a Marszpace package, nothing much.

Project description


pymarszpace is just a python package that's all about Marszpace, one of my friend.


It's just easy as

pip install pymarszpace

For Mac or Linux (without Virtual Environment), please use this instead:

pip3 install pymarszpace


Class For Marszpace

import pymarszpace
mz = pymarszpace.Marszpace()
mz.flexing() # Return a random flex
print(mz.alias) # print his alias

Class For Friend

import pymarszpace
win = pymarszpace.friend("WinSK143")
print( # return his name
win.playGames("Bedwars") # play games, return ignoring if you don't play long enough, else he will go to sleep

Class For Preset Friends

import pymarszpace
thum = pymarszpace.Atom() # initialize AtomThum
algy = pymarszpace.Algy() # initialize AlgyCuber
thum.classicalMusic("Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto") # Listening to classical music, return ignoring or flexing (random)
algy.astronautTest("composing a symphony") # just an astronaut test bc Marszpace wants to be an astronaut, but he has a lot of mental breakdown.

Preset Values

There are some preset values for Marszpace as well.

import pymarszpace
mz = pymarszpace.Marszpace()
print( # Marszpace
print(mz.alias) # ["Hikari","Tiaritsu","Rem"]
print(mz.addict) # ["osu!","Arcaea","Hypixel Skyblock","Rem",... 
print(mz.hate) # ["Classical Music","AlgyCuber","AtomThum",...
print(mz.flex) # ["osu! pp", "PP", "Fracture Ray",...
print(mz.emotions) # ["Sad","Mental Breakdown","A little bit sad","Very sad",... 
thum = pymarszpace.Atom()
print( # AtomThum
algy = pymarszpace.Algy()
print( # AlgyCuber


This is for educational purposes only. For OOP example please look at the source code.

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