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A python package for processing eye movement data

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pymovements is an open-source python package for processing eye movement data. It provides a simple interface to download publicly available datasets, preprocess gaze data, detect oculomotoric events and render plots to visually analyze your results.

Getting Started

With pymovements loading your eye movement datasets is just a few lines of code away

import pymovements as pm

dataset = pm.Dataset(
    'JuDo1000',                  # choose a public dataset from our dataset library
    path='data/judo100',         # setup your local dataset path
)               # download a public dataset from our dataset library
dataset.load()                   # download the dataset

calculate velocities on the fly

dataset.pix2deg()                # transform pixel coordinates to degrees of visual angle
dataset.pos2vel()                # transform positional data to velocity data

and extract events with different eye movements event extraction algorithms

dataset.detect('ivt')            # detect fixation using the I-VT algorithm
dataset.detect('microsaccades')  # detect saccades using the microsaccades algorithm

Check out our guide on how to install pymovements and get started here: Installation

We provide a range of tutorial aimed at beginners: Tutorials

The complete reference of the package can be found here: API Reference


We welcome any sort of contribution to pymovements!

For a detailed guide, please refer to our first.

If you have any questions, please open an issue or write us at


If you are using pymovements in your research, we would be happy if you cite our work by using the following BibTex entry:

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There is also a preprint available on arxiv.

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