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An implementation of the Master Password algorithm v3 with a nice CLI

Project description

# pympw: CLI and Implementation of Master Password v3 --- An Algorithm for Freedom

Master Password is a determnistic password generator.
This is a Python implementation of the Master Password algorithm v3 based on

I faithfully implemented the [algorithm]( for a cool password manager in a few dozen lines of Python. Please note **this code is for demonstration purposes only.** If you want to use a reliable deterministic password manager, get one at [](

## **Features**

- ✔ Faithful and concise implementation of Master Password v3 using standard Python crypto libraries **scrypt, hmac, and digest.sha256**.
- ✔ *Quick password generation* for a single site.
- ✔ Generate long passwords, PINs, or even memorable phrases
- ✔ Intuitive interactive session. *Type your master password once and request site passwords as you go!*
- ✔ Copy passwords to your clipboard --- *never print passwords out at all!*
- ✔ Interactive session can timeout after a few minutes to *protect your privacy*
- ✔ Support for counter and *all* MPv3 password template classes (maximum, long, medium, basic, short, PIN, name, and phrase)

## Installation

Install `pympw` through PyPI or locally.

$ pip install pympw

git clone --depth=1
cd pympw
pip install .

### Dependencies

If you don't want pip to install dependencies, make sure to install the Python packages `scrypt` and `pyperclip`.

## CLI Usage

### Single site password with one command

Generate a password with a single command

$ python3 bin/pympw -n USER --type long -s -c 20000
please type your master password >, type=long, counter=20000

### Interactive mode

Enter interactive mode by omitting the `--site` argument. Type `CTRL-D` or `quit` to quit.

$ pympw -n USER
please type your master password >
please type site name >
please type counter or ENTER for default=1 > 20000
please type type or ENTER for default=long >
please type site name > quit

### More concise interactive mode

Enter alternative interactive mode

$ python3 pympw -n USER -b/
please type your master password >
please type site name[/type[/counter]] >
please type site name[/type[/counter]] >
please type site name[/type[/counter]] >
please type site name[/type[/counter]] >
please type site name[/type[/counter]] > quit

### Complete examples

Use `--copy` to copy password to clipboard.

$ pympw -n USER --copy --type x
please type your master password >
please type site name >
please type counter or ENTER for default=1 >
please type type or ENTER for default=x >
password copied to clipboard

Use `--exit-after` to shutdown interactive mode after some number of seconds.
Use `--quiet` to print less output.
Use `--keepalive` to reschedule timeout if you're still using the program.

$ pympw --name USER --type maximum --quiet --copy --splitby / \
--keepalive --exit-after "$((60 * 5))" \
--exit-command 'notify-send "MasterPassword is now closed"'
master password >
site name[/type[/counter]] >
site name[/type[/counter]] >
site name[/type[/counter]] > 300 second timeout reached

### All options

$ pympw -h
usage: pympw [-h] [--name NAME] [--site SITE] [--counter COUNTER] [--quiet]
[--copy] [--hide-pw] [--splitby SPLITBY] [--keepalive]
[--exit-after EXIT_AFTER] [--exit-command EXIT_COMMAND]
[--type {maximum,x,long,l,medium,m,basic,b,short,s,longbasic,lb,pin,#,name,n,phrase,ph}]

CLI to Master Password algorithm v3. Passwords are generated locally, your
master password is not sent to any server.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--name NAME, -n NAME your full name
--site SITE, -s SITE site name (e.g. omit this argument to
start an interactive session.
--counter COUNTER, -c COUNTER
positive integer less than 2**31=4294967296
--type {maximum,x,long,l,medium,m,basic,b,short,s,longbasic,lb,pin,#,name,n,phrase,ph}
password type
--copy, -y copy password to clipboard instead of printing it
--hide-pw, -d never print passwords
--splitby SPLITBY, -b SPLITBY
more efficient interactive session. suggested values:
tab, space, or '/'
--exit-after EXIT_AFTER, -e EXIT_AFTER
script will timeout and close after this many seconds
--exit-command EXIT_COMMAND
run this command if the script times out
--keepalive, -k keep program from timing out by pressing ENTER
--quiet, -q less output

## Library Usage

> from pympw import site_password, master_key, template_class_names

See all template classes available

> template_class_names

Generate a master key (>1sec)

> master_key = master_key(b'USER', b'PASSWORD')

Generate a password

> site_password(master_key=master_key, site_name='', template_class='long', counter=20000)

## Running tests

$ python3 test
============================== test session starts ===============================
platform linux -- Python 3.7.0, pytest-3.6.4, py-1.5.4, pluggy-0.7.1
collected 3 items

pympw/tests/ ... [100%]

============================ 3 passed in 0.62 seconds ============================

## Authors

Master Password is a security product and algorithm by [Maarten Billemont](, [Lyndir](

This Python implementation was created by Hugo Rivera.

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