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A Python script to share songs from Spotify/YouTube as a 15 second clip.

Project description


A Python script to share songs from Spotify/YouTube as a 15 second clip. Designed for use with Termux.

See the repository for more installation and contribution instructions/information.



pymtheg requires Python 3.6.3 or later, and ffmpeg.


usage: pymtheg [-h] [-cs CLIP_START] [-ce CLIP_END] [-i IMAGE] [-d DIR]
               [-o OUT] [-sm] [-smd SAVE_MUSIC_DIR] [-nt]
               [-tf TIMESTAMP_FORMAT] [-e EXT] [-sda SDARGS] [-ffa FFARGS]
               [-ud] [-y]
               queries [queries ...]

a python script to share songs from Spotify/YouTube as a 15 second clip

positional arguments:
  queries               song queries (see querying)

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

clip options:
  -cs CLIP_START, --clip-start CLIP_START
                        specify clip start (default 0)
  -ce CLIP_END, --clip-end CLIP_END
                        specify clip end (default +15)
  -i IMAGE, --image IMAGE
                        specify custom image

output options:
  -d DIR, --dir DIR     directory to output to, formattable (see formatting)
  -o OUT, --out OUT     output file name format, formattable (see formatting)
  -sm, --save-music     save downloaded music
  -smd SAVE_MUSIC_DIR, --save-music-dir SAVE_MUSIC_DIR
                        directory for downloaded music, defaults to -d/--dir
  -nt, --no-timestamp   switch to exclude timestamps from output clip paths
                        timestamp format, formattable (see formatting)
  -e EXT, --ext EXT     file extension, defaults to "mp4"

tool options:
  -sda SDARGS, --sdargs SDARGS
                        args to pass to spotdl
  -ffa FFARGS, --ffargs FFARGS
                        args to pass to ffmpeg for clip creation

pymtheg options:
  -ud, --use-defaults   use --clip-start as clip start and --clip-length as clip end
  -y, --yes             say yes to every y/n prompt

  queries must be any one of the following:
    1. text
      e.g. "thundercat - them changes"
    2. spotify track/album url
      e.g. ""
    3. youtube source + spotify metadata
      "<youtube url>|<spotify url>"
      e.g. "|"
    4. a path
      e.g. "06 VERTIGO.flac"

argument defaults:
  -f, --ffargs:
    "-hide_banner -loglevel error -c:a aac -c:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -tune stillimage -vf scale='iw+mod(iw,2):ih+mod(ih,2):flags=neighbor'"
  -o, --out:
    "{artists} - {title}"
  -t, --timestamp-format:
    " ({cs}{cer})"

  available placeholders:
    from spotdl:
      {artist}, {artists}, {title}, {album}, {playlist}
    from pymtheg:
        clip end as per [(h*)mm]ss
        e.g. 10648 (1h, 06m, 48s)
        clip end in seconds
        e.g. 4008 (1h, 6m, 48s -> 4008s)
        clip end as per [(h*)mm]ss, e.g. 10703 (1h, 07m, 03s)
        clip end in seconds
        e.g. 4023 (1h, 07m, 03s -> 4023s)
        clip end relative to clip start, prefixed with +
        e.g. +15
        1. pymtheg placeholders can only be used with `-tf, --timestamp-format`
        2. "[(h*)mm]ss": seconds and minutes will always be represented as 2
           digits and will be right adjusted with 0s if needed, unless they are
           the first shown unit where they _may_ have up to two characters.
           hours can be represented by any number of characters.
           e.g. "138:02:09", "1:59:08", "2:05", "6"

  1. get a song through a spotify link
    pymtheg ""
  2. get a song through a search query
    pymtheg "thundercat - them changes"
  3. get multiple songs through multiple queries
    pymtheg "" "<query 2>"
  4. get a random 15s clip of a song
    pymtheg "<query>" -cs "*" -ce "+15" -ud 

  note: see querying for more information on queries


pymtheg is unlicensed with The Unlicense. In short, do whatever. You can find copies of the license in the UNLICENSE file or in the pymtheg module docstring.

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