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Common attributes for PynamoDB

Project description

This Python 3 library contains compound and high-level PynamoDB attributes:

  • FloatAttribute – same as NumberAttribute but whose value is typed as float
  • IntegerAttribute – same as NumberAttribute but whose value is typed as int (rather than float)
  • IntegerSetAttribute – same as NumberSetAttribute but whose value is typed as int (rather than float)
  • UnicodeDelimitedTupleAttribute - a delimiter-separated value, useful for storing composite keys
  • UnicodeEnumAttribute - serializes a string-valued Enum into a Unicode (S-typed) attribute
  • UnicodeProtobufEnumAttribute - serializes a Protobuf enum into a Unicode (S-typed) attribute
  • IntegerEnumAttribute - serializes a int-valued Enum into a number (N-typed) attribute
  • TimedeltaAttribute, TimedeltaMsAttribute, TimedeltaUsAttribute – serializes timedeltas as integer seconds, milliseconds (ms) or microseconds (µs)
  • TimestampAttribute, TimestampMsAttribute, TimestampUsAttribute – serializes datetimes as Unix epoch seconds, milliseconds (ms) or microseconds (µs)
  • IntegerDateAttribute - serializes date as an integer representing the Gregorian date (e.g. 20181231)
  • UUIDAttribute - serializes a UUID Python object as a S type attribute (e.g. 'a8098c1a-f86e-11da-bd1a-00112444be1e')
  • UnicodeDatetimeAttribute - ISO8601 datetime strings with offset information


The tests in this repository use an in-memory implementation of dynamodb. To run the tests locally, make sure DynamoDB Local is running. It is available as a standalone binary, through package managers (e.g. Homebrew) or as a Docker container:

docker run -d -p 8000:8000 amazon/dynamodb-local

Afterwards, run tests as usual:

pytest tests

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