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A pythonic wrapper around pinentry for secure password input

Project description


A pythonic wrapper for pinentry

Written mostly to practice metaprogramming

credit to mijikai for a working example

Requires pinentry to be installed

convienience methods:

  • to quickly and simply get a password/pin from a user:

get_pin(description=None, prompt=None, timeout=0, display=None, global_grab=True)

  • to show and get a confirmation from a user:

get_confirm(description=None, timeout=0, display=None, global_grab=True)

  • to show a message to a user:

show_message(description=None, timeout=0, display=None, global_grab=True)

PynEntry class

The above methods instance and configure a PynEntry instance wich can be called and configured manually via attributes

the PynEntry class supports the following attributes:

  • description: Sets the descriptive text to display
  • prompt: Sets the text just before the passphrase entry (ex: "PASS:")
  • title: Sets the window title
  • ok_text: Sets the text shown in the "OK" button
  • cancel_text: Sets the text shown in the "Cancel" button
  • error_text: Sets the text in case of error before reprompt (Cleared after every get_pin() call)
  • tty_name: Chose the tty to use (set automatically)
  • tty_type: Change the tty type to use.
  • locale: Sets the locale to use (set automatically to current os locale)

NOTE: The PynEntry class uses the $PATH variable to find the pinentry executable, you can specify the location of the executable manually when you initialize like so: PynEntry(executable='/path/to/pinentry')

PynEntry is best used as a context manager to automatically kill the pinentry process when you are done.


import pynentry
pynentry.show_message('Hello there!')

with pynentry.PynEntry() as p:
    p.description = 'Enter a password.\n Choose Wisely!'
    p.prompt = 'PASS>'
        passwd = p.get_pin()
    except pynentry.PinEntryCancelled:
        print('Cancelled?! Goodbye.')
    p.ok_text = 'yep!'
    p.cancel_text = 'nope!'
    p.description = f'CAN YOU CONFIRM YOUR SUPER SECRET PASSWORD IS {passwd}?'
    if p.get_confirm():
            print(f'password {passwd} saved!')
            print(f'Too bad, so sad')

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