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Asyncio bindings for libnghttp2 based on ctypes

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pynghttp2 are simple asyncio Python bindings based on ctypes for the nghttp2 library. The only thing you need is a libnghttp2 version on your system.

On Debian-based systems you can install nghttp2 simply via apt:

apt-get install libnghttp2-14

The project was created in the context of a student work for an HTTP/2 protocol gateway in the µPCN project - an implementation of Delay-tolerant Networking (DTN) protocols.


pip install pynghttp2


High-Level API

from pynghttp2 import http2

# GET request
resp = await http2.get('http://localhost:64602/ping')

content = await resp.text()
assert content == 'pong'

# POST request
message = b"Lorem ipsum dolorem"
resp = await'http://localhost:64602/echo', data=message)
echo = await
assert echo == message

Client Session

from pynghttp2 import ClientSession

# Multiplex two requests
async with ClientSession(host='localhost', port=64602) as session:
    stream1 = session.get('http://localhost:64602/stream')
    stream2 = session.get('http://localhost:64602/stream')

    await asyncio.gather(,

Server Session

import asyncio
from pynghttp2 import ServerSession

async def handle_request(req):
    """Echo the request body"""
    msg = await
    await req.response(200, data=msg)

with ServerSession(host='localhost', port=8080) as session:
    while True:
        # Wait for next incoming request
        req = await session

        # Handle each request in its own task to be able to multiplex
        # multiple requests and responses

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