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Natural Language Processing Visualization Tool

Project description

## Pynorama
Pynorama is a tool for visualizing intricate datasets for which a simple table format is not suitable. It was created with Natural Language Processing applications in mind.

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Pynorama lets you define *views* in **python** that are rendered as interactive web applications, letting you browse, analyse and understand your data.

Pynorama is **open and extensible.**
Pynorama has a clean and simple architecture.
It makes little assumptions about your data source or data format.
Read in the [documentation]( about developing extensions.

## Quickstart

### Install Pynorama

For a minimal install run:
pip install pynorama

### Using Pynorama

To create a *view*:
* define a table describing your data records, currently supported sources are pandas dataframe and mongo queries.
* define different stages of your data pipeline.
* return a particular records for a given stage.
* configure the UI

In python this would look similar to this:
from pynorama import View
from pynorama.table import PandasTable

class ExampleView(View):
def __init__(self, name, description=''):
super(ExampleView, self).__init__(name, description)

def get_pipeline(self):
return {
'raw_stage': {'viewer': 'raw'},
'tokenized': {'viewer': 'json', 'parents': ['raw_stage']}

def get_record(self, key, stage):
if stage == 'raw_stage':
return get_html(key)
return get_processed_data(key)

def get_table(self):
return PandasTable(get_dataframe())

Next, register the view with pynorama:
from pynorama import register_view


Finally, let Pynorama set up a *flask* server for you and start it:
from pynorama import make_server

app = make_server()'localhost', port='5000')

Now just run your python script! The view should be accessible at *http://localhost:5000/view/example*.

For more information check the [examples](examples) and the [documentation](!

## Acknowledgements

Pynorama was developed at [Man AHL](

Original concept and implementation: [Alexander Wettig](

Contributors from AHL Tech team:

* [Slavi Marinov](
* [Nikolai Matiushev](

Contributions welcome!

## License

Pynorama is licensed under the GNU LGPL v2.1. A copy of which is included in [LICENSE](LICENSE)


### 1.0.0

* Initial public release

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