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NuoDB Collection Agent (NuoCA)

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The NuoDB Collection Agent (NuoCA) is a framework for collecting time-series metrics and event data from a running system and sending it to components that can consume such data. NuoCA makes it easy to send the collected data to File System, ElasticSearch, Rest API, InfluxDB, Kafka.


  • Python – one of the following:

  • NuoDB – one of the following:

  • Python libraries:
    • aenum

    • click

    • elasticsearch

    • python-dateutil

    • PyPubSub

    • PyYaml

    • requests

    • wrapt

    • Yapsy

    • kafka-python

  • Logstash 5.x, if using the NuoAdminAgentLog or Logstash plugin

  • Zabbix 2.2 (or later), If using the Zabbix plugin

  • ElasticSearch 5.x, if using the ElasticSearch plugin

  • InfluxDB 1.4.3, if using InfluxDB

  • Zookeeper 3.4.10, if using Kafka producer

  • Kafka 2.11-1.0.0, if using Kafka producer

If you haven’t done so already, Download and Install NuoDB.


The last stable release is available on PyPI and can be installed with pip:

$ pip install pynuoca

Alternatively (e.g. if pip is not available), a tarball can be downloaded from GitHub and installed with Setuptools:

$ curl -L | tar xz
$ cd nuoca*
$ python install
$ # The folder nuoca* can be safely removed now.


NuoCA requires a NuoDB installation on the same Linux machine. To acquire NuoDB for a variety of different environments please visit the NuoDB community edition homepage.

Install NuoCA:

$ pip install pynuoca

pip installs the relevant files in:


Start your NuoDB database and verify that NuoDB is running via nuocmd:

$ nuocmd show domain
server version: 4.1-2-644d1d6206, server license: Enterprise
server time: 2020-08-26T15:11:06.709, client token: 63b87d8fb5f2a8599472befaeae6fcf07dd929b7
  [nuoadmin-0] localhost:48005 [last_ack = 8.53] [member = ADDED] [raft_state = ACTIVE] (LEADER, Leader=nuoadmin-0, log=0/47/47) Connected *
  test [state = RUNNING]
    [SM] 48414cee8a28/localhost:48007 [start_id = 0] [server_id = nuoadmin-0] [pid = 1234] [node_id = 1] [last_ack =  2.58] MONITORED:RUNNING
    [TE] 48414cee8a28/localhost:48006 [start_id = 1] [server_id = nuoadmin-0] [pid = 1230] [node_id = 2] [last_ack =  2.41] MONITORED:RUNNING

We will use a simple output plugin that will write metrics to disk. There are many other plugins available such as: ElasticSearch, Kafka, InfluxDB and Rest. You can use the following file:

$ cat /usr/etc/nuoca.yml
NUOCA_LOGFILE: /var/log/nuodb/nuoca.log

- NuoAdminNuoMon:
    description : Collection from NuoDB engines
    nuocaCollectionName: NuoMon
    client_key: ${NUOCMD_CLIENT_KEY}
    api_server: ${NUOCMD_API_SERVER}

- File:
    filePath: /tmp/output.txt

Set the expected environmental variables. If using TLS, NUOCMD_CLIENT_KEY has to be set to your TLS client private key. This file is usually located in /etc/nuodb/keys/. NUOCMD_API_SERVER has to be set to the admin server or load balancer that you want to connect to. If running on the same machine, use https://localhost:8888.

NuoCA settings are controlled by the nuoca_settings.yml file located in /usr/etc. For most installations, the defaults are acceptable:

$ cat /usr/etc/nuoca_settings.yml
# Global settings for NuoCA
# Override Default Logging Level INFO,
# nuoca.logging.level: DEBUG
# Enable nuoca.log collection (default is false)
# collect.nuoca.log: true
# Enable Logging of collection counts (default is false)
# logCollectionCounts: true

You are now ready to start the NuoCA server:

$ /usr/bin/nuoca  /usr/etc/nuoca.yml
Using CONFIG file /usr/etc/nuoca_settings.yml
INFO:nuoca:nuoca server init.
INFO:nuoca:NuoCA, PID: 1716
INFO:nuoca:plugin dir: /tmp/nuoca/plugins
INFO:nuoca:Creating plugin: NuoAdminNuoMon
INFO:nuoca:Plugin: NuoAdminNuoMon,  PID: 1722
INFO:nuoca:Called to start plugin: NuoAdminNuoMon
INFO:nuoca:NuoAdminNuoMon: plugin config: {'domain_password': '', 'nuoca_start_ts': None, 'api_server': '${NUOCMD_API_SERVER}', 'description': 'Collection from NuoDB engines', 'nuocaCollectionName': 'NuoMon', 'nuoca_collection_interval': 30, 'client_key': '${NUOCMD_CLIENT_KEY}'}
INFO:nuoca:Creating plugin: File
INFO:nuoca:Plugin: File,  PID: 1723
INFO:nuoca:Called to start plugin: File
INFO:nuoca:Starting collection interval: 1598455230000

You can now find the metrics in /tmp/output.txt.


NuoDB Documentation: Documentation


PyNuoCA is licensed under a MIT License.

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