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Simple tool to translate from Roma-ji into Hiragana.

Project description


Simple tool for converting Roma-ji sentences into Hiragana one.

The origin of package name

An homage to pykakashi that provides highly function to convert Kana-Kanji into Roma-ji. Okaka(おかか) is easy Japanese word that mean bonito flakes.


As command line tool
Use as REPL just by calling from terminal. To quit, send EOF.

$ python -m pyokaka.okaka

Roman >>> ohayougozaimasu
JKana ... おはようございます
Roman >>> kon'nichiwa
JKana ... こんにちわ
Roman >>> oyasuminasai
JKana ... おやすみなさい

You can indicate file you want to convert.

$ cat sample.txt
Ima wa mukashi, taketori no okina to iu mono ari keri.

$ python -m pyokaka.okaka sample.txt
いま わ むかし, たけとり の おきな と いう もの あり けり.

To apply additional rule, load utf-8 encoded json file.

    "ら": ["la"], "り": ["li"], "る": ["lu"], "れ": ["le"], "ろ": ["lo"],
    "ふぁ": ["pha", "hua"], "ふぃ": ["phi"]
$ cat sample.txt

$ python -m pyokaka.okaka sample.txt

$ python -m pyokaka.okaka sample.txt --load sample.json
load for sample.json...

For more information, view python -m pyokaka.okaka --help.

As library

>>> from pyokaka import okaka
>>> okaka.convert('katsuobushi')

You can add more vocabulary as described below.

>>> okaka.convert('philipps')
>>> okaka.update_convert_dct({
...     'p': 'ぷ', 's': 'す'
... })
>>> okaka.convert('philips')
>>> import json
>>> with open('sample.json', encoding='utf-8') as fin:
...     table = json.load(fin)
>>> okaka.update_transtable(table)
>>> okaka.convert('philips')


  • You cannot reset convert table without restart.

  • Though converter ignores letter what can be not interpret as a part of Roma-ji, remaining letters always be converted.

    $ python -m pyokaka.okaka
    Roman >>> Oh dear, this is English!
    JKana ... おh であr, tひs いs えんglいsh!
  • Hyphen always be replaced with Cho'onpu.

    $ python -m pyokaka.okaka
    Roman >>> Roma-ji
    JKana ... ろまーじ
  • Converter never analyze sentence structure. So it cannot recognize 'wa', 'o' and 'e' as postpositional particle.

    $ python -m pyokaka.okaka
    Roman >>> Watashi wa depa-to e enpitsu o kai ni ikimashita.
    JKana ... わたし わ でぱーと え えんぴつ お かい に いきました.
  • Conversion is based on greedy algorithm. Single quote can be used as separater if you need.

    Roman >>> honya
    JKana ... ほにゃ
    Roman >>> honnya
    JKana ... ほっにゃ
    Roman >>> honnnya
    JKana ... ほんにゃ
    Roman >>> hon'ya
    JKana ... ほんや


This module is registered at PyPI. PyPI - pyokaka

$ pip install pyokaka





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