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An easy to use CLI for the Pomodoro Technique.

Project description


Pyomodoro is an easy to use CLI for the Pomodoro Technique written in Python.

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The best way to install Pyomodoro is to use Pip.

pip install pyomodoro


For convenience, both pom and pyomodoro are available as commands. Pyomodoro operates in your terminal, but if a notification tool is available, Pyomodoro will also send messages that way.

# Display help text
pom --help
pyomodoro --help

# Begin a session with the standard Francesco Cirillo timing intervals

# Specify a task to focus on before you begin work
pom --ask-task

# Adjust the timing intervals to your liking
pom --pomodoro-length 30 --short-break-length 10 --long-break-length 45


There are three ways to adjust the values that Pyomodoro uses. In order of precedence:

  1. Flags at run time
  2. Environment variables
  3. YAML config file
Flag Env Var YAML Default
--ask-task, -t POM_ASK_TASK ask_task False
--config-file, -f POM_CONFIG_FILE ~/.pyomodoro
--dry-run, -d dry_run False
--language, -l POM_LANGUAGE language
--long-break-length, -lb POM_LONG_BREAK_LENGTH long_break_length 20
--pomodoro-length, -p POM_POMODORO_LENGTH pomodoro_length 25
--short-break-length, -sb POM_SHORT_BREAK_LENGTH short_break_length 5


Merge requests are welcome after opening an issue first. Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.


Since part of Pyomodoro's key feature relies on an accessible notification system, testing that necessitates installing it locally:

pip install -e .

It is also useful to double check how Pyomodoro functions in a containerized environment, as the required tests are run in Docker containers:

docker run -it -v ${pwd}:/app python bash
cd /app
pip install tox
tox -e py

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