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Library for building OSM tools

Project description

pyosmkit: library for building OSM tools

This package contains helpers for building tools around OSM tiles.

Since 0.11 package name was changed from pyosm to pyosmkit to avoid pypi conflicts.


# from pypi
pip install --user pyosmkit

# or from github where ${TAG} is the git version tag, eg v0.6
pip install --user git+${TAG}#egg=pyosmkit


git clone && cd pyosmkit
make venv
source ./venv/bin/activate
make init-dev


Create points, convert coordinates.

  • zxy_to_latlong(z, x, y) -> LatLong
  • latlong_to_zxy(lat, lng, zoom) -> ZXY
>>> import pyosmkit.point
>>> p = pyosmkit.point.ZXY(z=10, x=697, y=321)
>>> pyosmkit.point.zxy_to_latlong(p.z, p.x, p.y)
LatLong(lat=55.5783, long=65.0391)


Create osm tile, get filename.

  • Tile.from_url(url) -> Tile
  • Tile.from_metatile(mt) -> Tile
  • Tile.filepath(url) -> str
>>> from pyosmkit.tile import Tile
>>> t = Tile.from_url("/style/1/1/1.png")
>>> print(t)
Tile(z:1, x:1, y:1, style:style, ext:.png)
>>> t.filepath("/cache")


List of tiles can be grouped to the closed polygon. You can check if LatLong point inside this polygon or not (using ray-casting algorithm):

>>> from pyosmkit.point import LatLong
>>> from pyosmkit.polygon import Polygon
>>> polygon = Polygon([LatLong(0, 0), LatLong(10, 0), LatLong(10, 10),
...                    LatLong(0, 10), LatLong(0, 0)])
>>> LatLong(1, 2) in polygon
>>> LatLong(11, 12) in polygon

Also, a list of polygons can be grouped to Region (support in statement).



Create metatile coordinates, get filename:

  • Metatile.from_url(url) -> Metatile
  • Metatile.from_tile(Tile) -> Metatile
  • Metatile.filepath(basedir) -> str
>>> from pyosmkit.tile import Tile
>>> from pyosmkit.metatile import Metatile
>>> tile = Tile(z=10, x=697, y=321, style="mapname", ext=".png")
>>> mt = Metatile.from_tile(tile)
>>> print(mt)
Metatile(z:10, x:696-703, y:320-327, style:mapname)
>>> mt.filepath("/cache")


Try to implement metatile file encoder/decoder in pythonic way (inspired by Raymond Hettinger videos).

  •, mode) -> MetatileFile: opens file for reading ("rb" mode) or writing ("wb"). Returns file-like object.

Support with statement, in statement, iterating over points:

>>> import pyosmkit.metatile
>>> mt ="tests/data/0.meta", "rb")
>>> # check if tile (1, 2) contains in metatile
>>> (1, 2) in mt
>>> (10, 10) in mt
>>> # iterate over Points and print only points with x == 7
>>> for point in mt:
...     if point.x == 7:
...         print(point)
Point(x=7, y=0)
Point(x=7, y=1)
Point(x=7, y=2)
Point(x=7, y=3)
Point(x=7, y=4)
Point(x=7, y=5)
Point(x=7, y=6)
Point(x=7, y=7)
>>> # read all tiles data, iterate over Points and print only none-empty data:
>>> tiles_data = mt.readtiles()
>>> for point, data in tiles_data.items():
...     if data:
...         # do something with point(z, x, y) or data (bytes)
...         pass
>>> mt.close()
  • MetatileFile.readtile(x, y) -> bytes
  • MetatileFile.readtiles() -> dict {Point(x, y): bytes, ...}
  • MetatileFile.write(x, y, z, data), where z is the metatile zoom level, x, y is the lowest values, data is the dict {Point(x, y): bytes, ...}

metatile format description

Can be found in mod_tile project:


Decode mbtiles file, read tile from mbtiles file. Support with, in statements.

>>> import pyosmkit.mbtile
>>> from pyosmkit.point import ZXY
>>> point = ZXY(z=1, x=1, y=0)
>>> with"tests/data/0.mbtiles") as mb:
...   print(point in mb)
...   print(len(mb.readtile(point.z, point.x, point.y)))
  •, mode, flip_y) -> MBTileFile: open file for reading. Returns file-like object.

  • MBTileFile.readtile(z, x, y) -> buffer

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