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Pypi Warehoise API admin

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Manage your Pypi warehouse account from console or using a awesome Python API. For example use the command line to create an upload token for an app:

$ pypi-manage tokens create "Token name" my-project

Use this command with other programs. For example you can use it together with Travis:

$ travis encrypt $(pypi-manage tokens create "Token name" my-project)

Create a token from Python:

from pypi_admin.session import PypiSession, get_pypirc_login
from pypi_admin.manage import PypiClient
from pypi_admin.exceptions import PypiTwoFactorRequired

session = PypiSession(*get_pypirc_login())  # get username/password from pypirc
# Optional: use session.restore_session() instead session.login()
except PypiTwoFactorRequired:
    session.two_factor(input('Insert TOTP: '))
# Optional: use session.save_session()

manage = PypiClient(session)
token = manage.tokens.create('Token name', 'my-project')
print(f'{token.token_id}: {token.token}')

To install pypi-manage, run this command in your terminal:

$ python -m pip -U install pypi-manage

This is the preferred method to install pypi-manage, as it will always install the most recent stable release.

Current features

  • List, create or delete tokens. Get help using pypi-manage tokens --help.

  • List project collaborators. Use pypi-manage collaborators <project name> all.

  • List project history (events). Use pypi-manage events <project name> all.

  • List project releases. Use pypi-manage releases <project name> all.

  • List projects. Use pypi-manage projects.

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