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Wrapper around pip for flakey connections.

Project description

Wrapper around pip for use with flaky connections.

Basic idea behind it is that default behaviour of pip to download all packages at once and compile them can get pretty frustrating in situations, where single error in downloading or installing a package can result in repeating whole process all over again.

pypiece tries to get around that by trying to download and install each package separately, by calling pip for each line of requirements.txt. In the end it outputs list of successfully installed packages and ones that failed.


pypiece < requirements file > < – PIP options >

Available options:

  • –pip - specify pip binary to use

  • –retries <N> - try to reinstall failing package _N_ times (default: 3).

  • –venv <name> - install to virtualenvwrapper created virtual environment _name_.

pip arguments

If is found in command line, then all arguments after it will be passed unchanged to pip executable on every call.

For example:

pypiece requirements.txt – -i https://my.pypi.repo

Last line is equivalent to:

pip install -r requirements.txt -i https://my.pypi.repo


Try to install every package found in _requirements.txt_ one by one:

pypiece requirements.txt

Install requirements using pip from virtualenv _test_:

pypiece –venv test requirements.txt

Install requirements using specified pip binary:

pypiece –pip my_env/bin/pip requirements.txt


Send your bug reports and suggestions to [][1]


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