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Generate and test for prime numbers.

Project description

Compare a variety of algorithms for generating and testing prime numbers with the pure-Python module pyprimes.

Prime numbers are those positive integers which are not divisible exactly by any number other than itself or one. Generating primes and testing for primality has been a favourite mathematical pastime for centuries, as well as of great practical importance for encrypting data.

Features of pyprimes:

  • Produce prime numbers lazily, on demand.

  • Effective, fast algorithms including Sieve of Eratosthenes, Croft Spiral, and Wheel Factorisation.

  • Test whether numbers are prime efficiently.

  • Deterministic and probabilistic primality tests.

  • Examples of what not to do provided, including trial division, Turner’s algorithm, and primality testing using a regular expression.

  • Factorise numbers into the product of prime factors.

  • Suitable for Python 2.5 through 3.2 from one code base.

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pyprimes-0.1.1a.tar.gz (13.2 kB view hashes)

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