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An easy-to-use and colorful progress bar for python.

Project description


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A beautiful , fast, easy-to-use progress bar for python.


pip install pyprobar

nightly build:

python install


28.71% |████████>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  | 0:00:22|0:00:31 ETC: 05-20 18:08:15


For 10000000 loops:

probar: # this repo
100.00%|█████████████████████████████| 0:00:00|0:00:02  ETC: 06-07 12:08:03

bar: # this repo
100.00%|█████████████████████████████| 0:00:00|0:00:03  ETC: 06-07 12:11:15

100%|██████████| 10000000/10000000 [00:03<00:00, 2634907.84it/s]

100% (10000000 of 10000000) |############| Elapsed Time: 0:00:46 Time:  0:00:46


Use probar or bar for different situations:


from pyprobar import bar, probar
import time

for idx, x in probar(range(1234), enum=True): 
>>> 18.31%|█████>>>>>                  | 0:00:20|0:00:25  ETC: 05-20 19:00:39

Or used in List comprehension:

res = [i for i in probar(range(10))]
>>> 100.00%|███████████████████████████| 0:00:00|0:00:00 ETC: 05-20 12:14:33
>>> [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]


import numpy as np
N = 1024
a = np.linspace(2, 5, N)
for idx, i in enumerate(a):
    bar(idx, N)
>>> 100.00% |███████████████████████████| 0:00:00|0:00:10  ETC: 05-20 20:33:34 

You can set your own progress bar by using the parameters symbol_1 and symbol_2 :

for i in probar(range(1234), symbol_2="o"):
>>> 23.10%|██████ooooooooooooooooooo    | 0:00:10|0:00:14  ETC: 05-20 17:29:57

Tip: Searchcharmap in win10 start menu, you can find a lot of interesting characters.

Supports progress bars in different colors:

for idx, i in enumerate(a):
    bar(idx, N, color='1') # `color` options: '1','2','3','4','5','0','update_random'

Of course, you can also add text or variables to the progress bar:

for idx, i in enumerate(a):
    text = f"what you want see is {x}"
    bar(idx, N, text=text)

multi-line text :

for idx, i in enumerate(a):
    text = f"{v1}, frame:{idx}\n"
    bar(idx, N, text=text)

Specify the time zone:

for i in enumerate(a):
    bar(idx, N, time_zone="Asia/Shanghai")

print RGB color string:

from pyprobar.styleString import rgb_str
    text = rgb_str("I'm green!", RGB_fore=[0,255,0])


  • Thread problem with probar() in jupyter notebook
  • Thread problem with bar() in jupyter notebook
  • Speed of information
  • Multithreading

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