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Schedule pypyr pipelines with apscheduler

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Schedule pypyr pipelines with apscheduler and control them via REST. The API interface is provided by connexion.

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Documentation status

This documentation is in a very early stage and many things could be missing or wrong. Please rely on the code for now.


Make a new venv, activate it, clone the repo, run pip install. No pypi release yet. We recommend using pipenv, which makes it easy to run commands inside a virtual env without the need to create or activate it:

pip install --user pipenv  # only needed once per python install
pipenv install
pipenv run server


pypyr-scheduler needs a shared secret between the server and the client. It reads it from the environment variable PYRSCHED_SECRET. If the server does not see a secret it generates it and writes it to its logfile for later use. If there is a secret set in the environment, it is used.

A client needs the same shared secret.

Development / Testing

Run pipenv run server. Now you can connect to the server with a suitable client. Currently available are pypyr-scheduler-cli and pypyr-scheduler-rpc-client with the first one depending on the latter.

Production deployment



Detailed documentaion is available on ReadTheDocs. It is generated from the docs/source folder in this repository. Feel free to send a PR is you find any typos.


Run tests with pipen run tests.

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Related projects

pypyr is the workhorse underlying pypyr-scheduler. It runs pipelines defines as .yaml file and has many different pipeline steps included. Check it out, if you need a simple task automation for one-shot execution.

Flask-APScheduler provides a similar way to run job within flask as server. It even provides a REST-API. Try this if you don't need the functionality of pypyr.

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