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Python bindings for radamsa fuzzing library.

Project description


pyradamsa provides an interface for calling libradamsa methods from within Python, allowing one to perform mutations on byte blocks (aka fuzzing). For more details see radamsa (a general-purpose fuzzer) and libradamsa (precompiled radamsa library).


Install the package using pip (or build it from source)

pip install pyradamsa

Do some fuzzing

import pyradamsa

rad = pyradamsa.Radamsa()

mydata = b'GET /auth?pass=HelloWorld HTTP1.1'
fuzzed = rad.fuzz(mydata, seed=1337)

> b'GET /auth?pass=HelloWorld HTTP\xc0\xb1.1'

# seed is randomly set if not provided
> b'\tG\xf3\xa0\x81\x9c\xf7dLET \xe2\x81/aut\xf3\xa0\x80\xafHTTP2.rld HTTP2.rld HTTP3.2\xe1\xa0\x8e9'
> b'GET /auth?pass=HelloWorld HTTP1.340282366920938463463374607431768211455'

# enforce static seed on initialization
rad = pyradamsa.Radamsa(seed=0)

# max_mut enforces a maximum length for returned data
# it defaults to (data length + an offset of 4096 bytes)
fuzzed = rad.fuzz(mydata, seed=1337, max_mut=10)
> b'GET /auth?'

# the offset may be overwritten on init
rad = pyradamsa.Radamsa(mut_offset=2048)


Currently wheels are available for linux i686 and x86_64

# Clone the repo
git clone --recurse-submodules
cd pyradamsa

# patch memory leak when reinitializing owl vm
patch libradamsa/libradamsa.c realloc.patch

# OPTIONAL: when using manylinux (
docker run --rm -it -v `pwd`:/io /bin/bash
cd /io && alias python='/opt/python/cp35-cp35m/bin/python3.5'
export PATH="/opt/python/cp35-cp35m/bin/:${PATH}"

# Install requirements
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

# Build C extension (
python build_ext

# Run tests

# Build wheel
python bdist_wheel


  • Fork the repo
  • Check out a feature or bug branch
  • Add your changes
  • Update README when needed
  • Submit a pull request to upstream repo
  • Add description of your changes
  • Ensure tests are passing
  • Ensure branch is mergeable

MIT License, 2020 @tim17d

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