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Python bindings for rage (age in Rust)

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Python bindings for the Rust implementation of age.



You can install pyrage with pip:

$ python -m pip install pyrage

PEP 561-style type stubs are also available:

$ python -m pip install pyrage-stubs

See the development instructions below for manual installations.


Identity generation (x25519 only)

from pyrage import x25519

ident = x25519.Identity.generate()

# returns the public key

# returns the private key

Identity-based encryption and decryption

from pyrage import encrypt, decrypt, ssh, x25519

# load some identities
alice = x25519.Identity.from_str("AGE-SECRET-KEY-...")
bob = ssh.Identity.from_buffer(b"---BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY----...")

# load some recipients
carol = x25519.Recipient.from_str("age1z...")
dave = ssh.Recipient.from_str("ssh-ed25519 ...")

# encryption
encrypted = encrypt(b"bob can't be trusted", [carol, dave, alice.to_public()])

# decryption
decrypted = decrypt(encrypted, [alice, bob])

Passphrase encryption and decryption

from pyrage import passphrase

encrypted = passphrase.encrypt(b"something secret", "my extremely secure password")
decrypted = passphrase.decrypt(encrypted, "my extremely secure password")


$ source env/bin/activate
$ make develop


pyrage is released and distributed under the terms of the MIT License.

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