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Global base classes for Pyramid SQLAlchemy applications.

Project description

[pyramid_basemodel][] is a thin, low level package that provides an SQLAlchemy
declarative `Base` and a thread local scoped `Session` that can be used by
different packages whilst only needing to be bound to a db engine once.

# Usage

You can use these as base classes for declarative model definitions, e.g.::

from pyramid_basemodel import Base, BaseMixin, Session, save

class MyModel(Base, BaseMixin):
"""Example model class."""

def do_foo(cls):
instance = Session.query(cls).first()

You can then bind these to the `sqlalchemy.url` in your paster `.ini` config by
importing your model and then including this package, e.g.:

# for example in
import mymodel

def main(global_config, **settings):
config = Configurator(settings=settings)
return config.make_wsgi_app()

Alternatively, if you package your models as a Pyramid include, as for example
[pyramid_simpleauth][] does, the trick is to include your package before you
include this package, e.g.:

config.include('pyramid_simpleauth') # imports the simple auth model classes

Or if this is all too much voodoo, you can just use the `bind_engine` function::

from pyramid_basemodel import bind_engine
from mypackage import mymodel

# assuming `engine` is a bound SQLAlchemy engine.

Note that the `Session` is designed to be used in tandem with [pyramid_tm][].
If you don't include `pyramid_tm`, you'll need to take care of committing
transactions yourself.

# Tests

To run the tests use, e.g.:

nosetests --cover-package=pyramid_base_model --cover-tests --with-doctest --with-coverage pyramid_basemodel
Name Stmts Miss Cover Missing
src/pyramid_basemodel/__init__ 32 0 100%
Ran 4 tests in 0.031s



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