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Integrate CubicWeb with a Pyramid application.

Project description

pyramid_cubicweb is one specific way of integrating CubicWeb with a Pyramid web application.


  • provides a default route that let a cubicweb instance handle the request.


To use, install pyramid_cubicweb in your python environment, and then include the package:



Requires the following INI setting / environment variable:

  • cubicweb.instance / CW_INSTANCE: the cubicweb instance name

Authentication cookies

When using the pyramid_cubicweb.auth (CubicWeb AuthTkt authentication policy), which is the default in most cases, you may have to configure the behaviour of these authentication policies using standard’s Pyramid configuration. You may want to configure in your pyramid.ini:

Session Authentication:

This is a AuthTktAuthenticationPolicy so you may overwrite default configuration values by adding configuration entries using the prefix cubicweb.auth.authtkt.session. Default values are:

cubicweb.auth.authtkt.session.hashalg = sha512
cubicweb.auth.authtkt.session.cookie_name = auth_tkt
cubicweb.auth.authtkt.session.timeout = 1200
cubicweb.auth.authtkt.session.reissue_time = 120
cubicweb.auth.authtkt.session.http_only = True = True
Persistent Authentication:

This is also a AuthTktAuthenticationPolicy. It is used when persistent sessions are activated (typically when using the cubicweb-rememberme cube). You may overwrite default configuration values by adding configuration entries using the prefix cubicweb.auth.authtkt.persistent. Default values are:

cubicweb.auth.authtkt.persistent.hashalg = sha512
cubicweb.auth.authtkt.persistent.cookie_name = pauth_tkt
cubicweb.auth.authtkt.persistent.max_age = 3600*24*30
cubicweb.auth.authtkt.persistent.reissue_time = 3600*24
cubicweb.auth.authtkt.persistent.http_only = True = True

Please refer to the documentation for more details (available in the docs directory of the source code).

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