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performance csv exporting for pyramid_debugtoolbar

Project description


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pyramid_debugtoolbar_api_performance extends the existing pyramid_debugtoolbar Performance Panel to support downloadable CSV files of profiling data.

This package does not replace the default panel, and requires it to be active.

This package is designed for application profile and to be a useful part of test suites, allowing developers to run a series of tests and log the Performance performance.

The package exposes two routes for CSV data:

  • timing
  • function_calls

Both correlate to the official Performance panel data.

The urls are generated in a machine-friendly format, so you can regex the request_id off a page and pull it from the API. This is explained below...


This packages requires pyramid_debugtoolbar 4.0 or newer

How to use this package

Update your ENVIRONMENT.ini file

.. code-block:: python

debugtoolbar.includes = pyramid_debugtoolbar_api_performance

You MUST be using pyramid_debugtoolbar with the Performance panel enabled. This package simply piggybacks on the existing module's work to log queries.

You MUST use debugtoolbar.includes. This will not work properly via pyramid.includes

You can access a csv of the Profiling report via the following url hack:

.. code-block:: python

url_html = '/_debug_toolbar/{request_id}'
url_api =  '/_debug_toolbar/api-performance/timing-{request_id}.csv'
url_api =  '/_debug_toolbar/api-performance/function_calls-{request_id}.csv'

The file will be downloaded and offer a content-disposition as:

.. code-block:: shell



By default, this package writes CSV files using "UTF-8" encoding.

To change this, use the environment variable pyramid_debugtoolbar_api_performance_encoding

.. code-block:: shell

export pyramid_debugtoolbar_api_performance_encoding=ascii

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